August 13, 2017

Sunday - Hot and sunny, bit of rain

A good day.

F and I slept in quite late this morning. We talked about lunch and where to go, so I suggested calling Hyakkenbori and making a reservation.  He did, but for almost right away!  We all scrambled out of the house, but were fine.  The restaurant wasn’t that crowded, but after Thursday night I didn’t want to take chances!

We had a nice meal.  They only had three options available and each of us had one!   I had the sukiyaki lunch and I enjoyed it a lot, F had the restaurant’s special lunch and his mother had the noodle lunch.  

After lunch we went back to the house and then F and I decided to go out.  First off we went to the Chido Museum to look at the latest exhibit.  It was black and white photographs and pottery and I really enjoyed it.  They were selling some of the stoneware too and unfortunately I am not wealthy enough to buy it.  It was nice though.  

F and I headed off to the Internet Cafe and had a pretty nice time there.  We were able to get massaging chairs and spent the next 4 hours in them.  I drank a lot of water and some tea…I’m feeling a bit dehydrated so decided to skip coffee today.  

After our time was up, we left and went off to get something for dinner.  F was thinking about getting us something cheap and cheerful and then getting something for his mother.  I countered with an idea to go to the grocery store and see if they had any of their trays left and then eat at the house with K.  He liked that idea, and actually that is what we did.  I got some salad for tomorrow and tonight, and we found a tray with some nice food for all of us.  We brought it back and had a nice little feast.  

I did the dishes and then F ‘helped’ me prepare for the gomi going out tomorrow morning.  He did it a completely different way than I do it…Oh well. It’ll probably still work!

I took a shower early on for a change since F said he wouldn’t take one.  He went to bed and fell asleep fairly early.  He’s not feeling very well, the poor thing.  I hope he starts feeling better soon.  

And that’s about it.  I watched The Mentalist and tried to watch some other things, but didn’t really. 

I’m not sure what I’ll get up to tomorrow, maybe laundry?  Oh how exciting!  Come on back and find out what happens.  Until tomorrow….

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