October 28, 2017

Saturday - Sunny but cool

A not great day. 

I thought today was going well and then it didn’t so I’m quite perturbed actually.  

I slept in a little in the morning and got up.  F and I had to go to the doctor’s office, but instead of going out for breakfast I thought we should eat here.  So we did, and it was fine.  F had granola like me but had it with milk, not yogurt.  K had her usual corn flakes.  I washed the dishes afterwards and then it was time to go.

The doctor’s office was fine mostly. They do an odd thing there, the nurse comes around in the lobby and takes people’s blood pressure and asks how they are doing.  Well, today I refused to have my blood pressure taken in public.  I asked if we could go somewhere private to do that.  They [F & nurse] still ended up having a discussion about my health in public which I wasn’t happy about either.

We waited over an hour to have our 3 minutes with the doctor.  He actually spoke in English to me and asked about my trip.  That was a surprise! 

After the doctor, we went back to the house to see if K wanted to go for lunch. She didn’t, so off we went.  I suggested a place we went once before I left with another place as back up.  We got to the restaurant, it was busy but we got seats and then ordered.  I liked it a lot, F not so much.  I had the vegetarian curry with mushrooms and coconut milk, and a teriyaki chicken dish with a baguette, F had the teriyaki and a pork stew with genmai rice. I thought it was quite nice honestly. F didn’t like it as much, but that’s his problem.

We came back into Tsuruoka and had ice cream at Baskin Robbins. They had a deal on where we’d get “free” earphones if we spent more than 400 yen there.  We did and got our earphones. They look like ice cream and are darn cute.  After that, I wanted to go to the hundred yen shop, so we did.  I picked up a few things, and then F got a few things, so we left the store a little poorer! I picked up a couple of big towel hangers, two shower curtains, some clothes hangers and F got shoe polish, a ruler and some spray stuff for work.  

We bought a few groceries for his mother too, and then came back to the house.  We were intending to go out again later, I thought.  That’s when it pretty much went pear-shaped.
I took the two big towel hangers to the garage’s second floor.  I came back in and checked the avocados.  They were starting to soften, so I suggested making some guacamole to F.  I thought he was okay with that.  I started cutting up the avocados and scooping out the flesh.  No big deal.  I went upstairs and dropped off my stuff, then came downstairs again and cut up some of the garlic sausage.  

F came into the kitchen and started to make some wonton soup from a packet.  I said to him, “Not for me thanks,” and he got mad. He told me he didn’t want any guacamole or any sausage and went upstairs.  I wasn’t telling him not to make the soup, I just didn’t want any.  

I went upstairs after a bit to try to find out what was wrong but it was difficult.  He’s having some health issues at the moment which are all my fault in his opinion.  At least that’s how it seems to me.  

He did come down later but said again that he wasn’t going to eat.  I took the stuff into the living room and K and I had some.  We polished off the garlic sausage I had cut up, and I ate a lot of the tortilla chips and guacamole.  When K had had enough, I washed the dishes and took the chips and dip upstairs.  

Today at the hundred yen shop I had bought two shower curtains.  I put one on a tension bar and stuck it in the doorway to the storage area upstairs.  F hasn’t been able to get the door to close for a while and that space is sucking all of the heat out of the room.  It’s only a flimsy little shower curtain, but it does seem a bit warmer up here.  The other shower curtain I put behind a towel that I use to separate my computer/TV room from our bedroom.  There’s one panel there that I can’t close, so at night I hope it’ll keep more of the warm air in the bedroom where I need it.  

I ate my chips and then put the rest of the guacamole in the fridge downstairs.  I put my earphones on (no, not the new ones!) and watched Never Let Me Go on TV.  That is such a sad, moving film.  It’s beautiful, but so sad.  F was sleeping or trying to for a while, but got up after a bit.  

He talked to me and things weren’t awful or anything, just sad.  At first he’d go to a movie tonight, then he wouldn’t.  He asked if I’d go for a walk, but it was after 10 pm and I was in my pyjamas already. He did take a shower, and then I did too.  He’s been sleeping for a while. 

Tomorrow morning, we’re off quite early to go to Niigata for a night.  We’re going to see some friends on both Sunday and Monday.  I’m not sure what time we’ll be back here on Monday, so there may or may not be an update then.  I’m hoping that we’ll have a better time there than we did here today!

Come back in a couple of days then and see how things have been.  Until…..

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