December 6, 2017

Wednesday - Snowy. No, really snowy.

A busy day.

I got up this morning, had my usual sort of morning.I was going to go down for breakfast when F called to say that he was nearly here and was wondering how his mother was. I was wondering too. He got her up and went back to work. I made her some toast, which she ate.  She went back to bed after a while.

I had a busy morning. I washed some laundry for F, made our breakfasts and did the dishes.  I came upstairs and did a couple of Postcrossings. F came back around 12 to change his clothes, so I made him some toast too. I then had to wash those clothes of his, so did that! 

After a couple of hours, I had my lunch. I had a vegetarian lunch for a change, that was fine really. I made up a plate for K if she got up again, but she didn’t while I was there.  I hung up F’s clothes in our bedroom so the heater would work doubly hard.  I heard K bumping around downstairs so went down to check on her. I asked if she wanted lunch and she did, so I gave her the plate, plus some warmed up veggies, chawanmushi and soup. I think she had a bigger lunch than I did. Actually, she did! I went back upstairs after I cleaned most of the kitchen. I thought I’d let her do her own dishes for a change!

I scanned my Postcrossing cards and then caught up on my backlog that needed it.  Around 4 pm I decided that I should go outside and shovel some snow.  

I got dressed up, went out and grabbed the snow dump.  I cleared quite a bit, but there was so much snow.  We probably had 25 cm today at least.  F said later that a suburb of Tsuruoka had 45 cm of snow.  Ugh.  I can’t imagine that.

An idea of how much snow we got. It was still coming down while I shovelled.
I made it so that F would be able to drive the car into the parking space and then came back into the house. I came upstairs and watched the news. I took care of my online group that I moderate, I sent an email to an old friend that I haven’t heard from in ages…whew! Busy.

When F came home, he was quite tired. He had to shovel snow at work. I’m not sure why he can never say thank you to me for shovelling the snow. Maybe he thinks what I do doesn’t count?
I suggested going for udon tonight, so we went to a place near the big grocery store. After our okay meal, we did a little shopping and then went to the hundred yen shop to get him a new toque. The toque that he used today was soaking from the snow, and it still isn’t dry. It is a good thing that I talked him into getting another one! 

We came back to the house and gave K the food we bought for her.  She didn’t eat it all which is fine.  

F went upstairs, but I ended up coming downstairs later to take a shower and to prepare the garbage to go out for tomorrow.  I emptied the fridge a little.  I don’t want to eat food that’s over a week old, so I tossed a couple of things.  

I had a shower and then F changed his mind and had one too. He’s off sleeping now and I’m up listening to Falco. I watched a bit of telly tonight and also tried to help with another problem on a group I belong to. No big deal really.  

Tomorrow might be more of the same. I’m hoping to finish my packing for my trip and also tackle the Christmas wrapping. I may have to do laundry for F or prep some lunch for K, I’m not sure really.  

Well, that’s it for me. I’m hoping to get to bed soon. It’s quite cold out so I’d like to get a bit of extra sleep. I think I need it! Come back later on and see how Thursday goes.  Until tomorrow…. 

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