February 13, 2018

Tuesday - Coolish day

A good day.

I got up this morning a few minutes later than I really wanted and had a gander at the news on TV. That was followed by Burn Notice and then breakfast.  I watched quite a bit of TV off the DVR this morning and then deleted it.  I also did a couple of loads of laundry. I didn’t do more as I wasn’t sure where I’d put it all.  

I had lunch around 1ish I think.  K hadn’t gotten up yet I think…I didn’t see her until quite late today.  F called a couple of times and came back to the house. He’d been driving people nearby.  The second time he just had time for coffee. He also told me that I didn’t have to go and shovel snow today.  

I did see K a little when I washed my dishes.  She tried to sell me on an extra fish that she had cooked, but I wasn’t buying.  Besides, I had already eaten.  

F came back late today and immediately started talking about going to the onsen.  Give it a rest, please!  I mean I did sort of want to go, but at the end of the day I said to him that I’m going to start asking to go to karaoke more often because that’s somewhere that I want to go!

Anyway, we had a perfectly decent meal in the restaurant near the post office. I had chicken steak and F had ginger pork.  At this restaurant, you serve yourself rice and miso soup. He came back with a huge mound of rice in his bowl. I asked him if he was starving.  I guess he feels he doesn’t get enough rice!  When I got my rice, I tried some of the rice made in vegetable broth and a little of the white rice.  We enjoyed our meals, but F was watching the Olympics over my shoulder so it wasn’t like we even talked much.

We drove out to the onsen and went in.  The women’s side wasn’t very crowded at all and I had a nice bath. I even went outside to the rotenburo and had it all to myself for a while.  It was cooler than the bath inside, and actually, more pleasant for me.  I went back in and used the big bath again, got it to myself for a few minutes too!

I changed and met F in the lobby.  We went back to Tsuruoka and stopped in a convenience store for a couple of drinks on the way to the house.  

And that’s pretty much my night.  I had a good evening with F, even though I didn’t really talk that much with him. 

Tomorrow I have more laundry to do and also a suitcase to start packing! Come back later and find out what I get up to.  Until tomorrow….

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