March 12, 2018

Monday - Cold and cloudy

An okay to good day.

This morning I had a hard time getting up.  I overslept and then realized that I hadn’t recorded the news. Sigh. Oh well then. I got up and watched my tv, and eventually had some decaf coffee and breakfast.  

I had a very quiet morning, to be honest. I even took a nap on the floor of my room…I just couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore.  It helped and I felt better afterwards. 

In the afternoon I decided to finally update my Postcard blog, so wrote some entries for it. Then I discovered that I hadn’t scanned any of the cards for it. Oops.  

I went down for lunch and noticed that K was holding a postcard for me.  I wasn’t expecting one as my numbers are a little skewed.  I took it from her and thanked her of course.  I took something from the fridge that we had bought for her yesterday and offered it to her.  She asked me to warm it up for her, and also if she could have some of the bread.  Of course, she could, and I did.  

I took my salad and my sandwiches upstairs and ate. I had a nice meal, made even nicer by F coming upstairs right at the end. He’d popped in for a few minutes as he had a driving assignment nearby and had a few minutes of waiting time. I made him some coffee and then he had to leave again.

After he left, I finished my meal, watched a recorded show and then went down to wash my dishes.  I came back upstairs and scanned my cards. F called while I was doing that and I suggested that he get his mother something for dinner.  

When he came to the house, we talked about where to go for dinner and I suggested a couple of local places.  We picked the Korean restaurant nearby and headed out. However, on the way there, F suggested going to karaoke and having dinner there.  I was up for it!

We went to the Karaoke place downtown and spent 3 hours there. We had a fun time and had some food there as well. 

We left after our time was up and made a quick run-through a grocery shop to get something for K’s lunch.  We found a weirdish thing in the deli department…chocolate croquettes for White Day.  We had to try them, so we got one each and brought it to the house.  

Back at the house, we tried the croquettes and well, not so great! Not terrible but not something I need to eat again.  We had a quiet evening in. F went to bed early as he’s tired, I’m still up.  I’ve had a good TV night, Bones, Agents of Shield, and now So You Think You Can Dance.  I’ll have to get myself to bed soon though. 

So, that was my day. It was quite good! Come back later and see what Tuesday brings. Until tomorrow….

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