May 26, 2018

Saturday - Warm and Sunny

An okay day, barely.

I got up this morning at a goodly time.  F went off to his doctor’s office quite early to put his name in and then came back.  He went off again after a bit.

I got up, dressed and was watching the news when he came back.  He was in my way for a second and I asked him to move and he completely over-reacted and started yelling at me. He got back into bed and then bitched at me again about trying to make it when he was in it.  Whatever.  

I was given and (to be honest) gave the silent treatment for the next couple of hours. We went off to our other doctor, did our stuff there and didn’t talk to each other until we were finished.  Childish yes, but he was being as rude as possible to me.

We went for lunch to the place behind Pal.  We did try to go to another new place, but the parking lot was full. Maybe another time. I had pasta at the restaurant, F had udon.  We gradually got more friendly as the day went on.

We went to the hundred yen shop and then the grocery store nearby. We bought stuff at one and not the other.  We did end up going to the grocery store somewhere else, got a few things for K. 

I had suggested to F that we go to see an early showing of The Big Sick today and he agreed to that.  We got to the movie theatre a few minutes early…F bought the tickets and I bought the drinks and popcorn.  The movie was good, quite funny, but sad to say I had to leave the theatre just before the end.  I really didn’t want to, but I had to.  I feel like I probably missed something really big. And there was one weird thing. During the movie, F moved over from where he was sitting.  He usually moves over one seat, so we have one gap in between us, tonight, he moved over two seats.  It really upset me.  It’s bad enough that he never wants to sit next to me, now he wants to sit two seats away?  What’s with that?

After the movie, it was such a lovely night. I wanted to just stay outside and enjoy it, but we went for dinner.  We tried a couple of places but they were expensive or not good for F’s stomach (or mine!).  Finally, he suggested sushi and we went to Kula Sushi.  Because I didn’t think it was fair to eat things like onion rings in front of F at the moment, I didn’t have any. I had a few plates of sushi, F had sushi, more udon and a chawanmushi.  

After dinner, it was a nice night and I didn’t want to go back to the house yet.  F suggested going to the onsen. I said I didn’t want to go in but would go with him and sit in the lobby.  That’s what I ended up doing. They have free wifi there so I had a drink and used my smartphone without too much guilt.  

When F finished in the bath, he actually spent a bit of time vegging too.  He sat and had a Doctor Pepper, I had a diet Coke, which I don’t do often anymore.  

We came back to the house and had a quiet evening in. I watched Blindspot and drank some tea.  That’s about it for the evening. I’ve been trying to catch up on internet things, managed a bit.  

Not sure what’s going to happen tomorrow.  We’re supposed to go out with a friend and meet up at the beach, but we haven’t heard from her yet.  Other than that, I’m not sure if we have any plans at all.  Come back later and see what we get up to.  Until tomorrow….

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