June 2, 2018

Saturday - Hot and Sunny, gorgeous!

A very good day.

When I finally woke up this morning, F was gone.  I checked out the window and he was outside cleaning his car. I’d begged him for days to clean out the junk and he was finally doing it.  Yay!

I was so touched that he was doing that, that I decided to offer to make him some toast for breakfast.  He accepted, and so did K.  Both K and F had two pieces each, I had one but I also had my usual yogurt and cereal, so that was nice.  I wanted to start the day without us being hungry.  

We left the house around 12 and went to the Foodever parking building.  We parked and walked over to the station.  We met my friend and her husband and took them back to the car. We dropped off their suitcases and took them down to the restaurants at Foodever.  F had soba and udon, the rest of us had the Italian Lunch from the fish restaurant.  It was really good.  I did give F my tomato soup though, because of …tomato.  

After lunch, we went back to the car and drove out to the Mt Haguro Pagoda.  The four of us walked down all the steps and then visited the pagoda. It was beautiful today. There were a lot of people there for Shonai, but probably not for Tokyo people!  There was a special event happening too, we were able to pay a small fee and walk inside the pagoda, and then climb up some steps and see inside the pagoda.  That last bit wasn’t really worth it.  The steps were aluminium and darn scary.  We had to walk back up to the car and I huffed and puffed my way up the hill.  Still, I made it, although I’ll probably be stiff and sore tomorrow.

The pagoda up close
We walked back to the car and drove up to the top of the mountain to visit the Temple.  It was so lovely up there today.  Last time F and I went there was tons of snow, today it was just gorgeous and sunny, but not too hot.  We all had some Konnyaku and then walked around and looked at the buildings.  I would love to spend more time there, but it was already 4 o’clock so getting late.

We drove my friends back to S-Mall and showed them into the hotel.  We left them there and said goodbye.  It was so nice to meet them.  

F and I had a coffee each in Doutor and then went to the hundred yen shop and the grocery shop for a few things.  We came back to the house with some food for K, but she’d already eaten.  F and I relaxed for a while and then went out for dinner.  

We went to a restaurant that we haven’t gone to in a while because the food always seemed salty.  Tonight, F vowed to ask the chef to not use so much salt.  He actually did do that and it was great! The food was fine, really good in fact.  We had a pair set, so that was two kinds of pasta, a pizza, two salads, drinks and then we also added on dessert.  Everything was great.  My favourite part was kind of funny.  F had forgotten to bring his cell phone.  He talked to me during dinner.  I commented on it to him that I was glad he’d left it at the house.  I know we need wifi, but sometimes he spends all his time on his phone and barely looks or talks to me.  

We came back to the house after dinner.  F had suggested watching a movie on DVD, so I pulled out some that we hadn’t watched yet. We watched Despicable Me. F loved it.  I’d already seen it, but it was a lot of fun to watch again.  

That’s about it.  With all the walking and climbing of steps today, I am nearly out for the count. I feel very tired, so I’ll go to bed and sleep now.  Come back in a few hours and find out what Sunday was like for me. Until tomorrow…

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