June 3, 2018

Sunday - Hot and sunny, bit muggy

A middlin’ day.  

I got up this morning when F started to get ready to go out.  He took his mother off to the onsen. I got busy.  I took care of some personal things and then did a bit of housekeeping. I vacuumed a bit in our rooms and did the top part of the stairs.  I was quite sweaty when I was done, it was getting warm.

F and K came back just after 11.  F had started some bread in the machine this morning and it was almost ready to come off. He brought some up for us but it wasn’t that great. It was raw in parts and really heavy.  This time of year the bread is a bit fussy.  After we ate, he took a bit of a nap. It was getting later and later and I was worried about lunch.  I still needed it!  I suggested a few places to him and thought I had him convinced to go to the Grand El Son.  I did suggest that he change his shirt, since the one he was wearing was polyester, about 30 years old, white and skin tight.  He did, but when we were downstairs, he just put on his old Crocs with no socks underneath.  I asked him if he really wanted to go to the Grand El Son in Crocs.  He thought we were going to the Internet Cafe for lunch.  I was a tad miffed because I’d worn a nice shirt just for the occasion. Since he didn’t want to go to the Grand El Son, I went upstairs and grabbed some crafty stuff to take with me.  

K seemed a little upset, hopefully not too much.  While they were out, some of her relatives had dropped off some cooked rice stuff for us. Apparently, they’d rung the doorbell, but I didn’t hear it.  I did vacuum so I think that what happened is that they rang while I was using the machine.  Oh well.  I was working!!

We were able to get massaging chairs and it was very nice to be in them today.  I needed all the massaging I could get!  I had an okay lunch and enjoyed my time there. I did a bit of knitting too. I tried to do some crochet but decided I needed to start it at the house first.  

When our time was up we did a little bit of shopping. I got some paper for my printer and some groceries for the week.  F picked up a bento for his mother.  

We came back to the house and delivered the stuff. F did some work outside and then came in.  He was all set to fall asleep again.  I asked him if he’d like to go to Gusto. He wasn’t too happy but said it was okay.  

We went to Gusto and had a fairly good dinner. Well, I did anyway.  I thought his was okay, he didn’t complain for a change! 

We came back to the house and F wanted to watch TV.  Nothing wrong with that of course. I took my bath and then when I came back watched my show.  When it was over, I turned off the TV, but F wanted to see something. He ended up watching something, no idea what. The voices were annoying me so I put on headphones and listened to music. Much better.  Finally, he turned it off and settled down to go to bed.

So, that was my day. Tomorrow I have a lot of things to do. I’d like to do some laundry or Postcrossing, but there’s some terrific TV on, so it might not happen!  Come on back and find out what I get up to.  Until tomorrow….

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