Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hot and sunny! So hot that it's hard to believe I'm in Alberta in September!

I got up a little late today so I wasn't able to say goodbye to Katie. I felt bad about that. When Van and Zach came back, we had breakfast. Zach ended up wearing most of his on his face. With the strawberry jam all over his face, he looks like a cute Joker!

Van took me to the dentist and I endured an hour of tooth cleaning. The hygienist asked if I could come back on this trip. Tomorrow Van is mondo busy, Thursday is my day out with friends, so the best time ended up being today. Van picked me up and we came home for lunch.

After lunch it was back to the hygienist for another hour of cleaning. Well, I can't really say I didn't need it. I realized today that the last time I had my teeth done was before Zach was born, and he's four now. Also, I'd really rather get it all done at once than spread it over 3 or 4 appointments in Japan.

We picked up Katie and then came home briefly, before going out to Leduc for groceries. Van shopped for food and I went to the drugstore. I got a few things, but they were out of my favourite deodorant. Darn!

When we came back, Van kind of asked me to make stirfry for dinner. It was fine, but all the veggies and meat that she bought were not what I would usually use! Also, her fry pan was really small and her wok was somewhere out of reach. I ended up doing a lot of cooking in small batches, which is the way it's supposed to be done anyway. Dinner was quite good. Kate liked it, except for the broccoli, and Van seemed to enjoy it too.

After dinner, Van watered flowers outside, and I washed the pots and pans and anything that wasn't going to go in the dishwasher.

I watched Jeopardy for the first time in a year and tried to relax on the couch. After a bit I came downstairs.

I think I'm going to bed early tonight. I don't feel that well. I have a headache, my teeth hurt and I feel like I'm going to get a cold. Oh, and my throat hurts.

If I'm feeling better, I'll go shopping tomorrow, but if I don't, I might just stay here. Van has a busy day, so I don't want to get in her way.

That's it for me. Night!


medea said...

I can't believe the temperatures there! It was freezing when I was there in June, my husband had to go buy a coat he was so cold. You got the good weather I guess!
Hope you are loving your trip. Thanks for the updates, although it's making me pretty homesick. I have a craving for brunch at Culina. Yum!

Helen said...

I know! The weather has been amazing! Today it is supposed to go up to 31! I can't believe I'm in Edmonton!

What is Culina? I don't know it.

Thanks for visiting:-)

medea said...

Culina is a restaurant on 99th street and 85?th ave. It's good!

Helen said...

Oh! I've never heard of it honestly. I'll keep an eye open for it!