November 14, 2013

Thursday - Cloudy, sunny, but no rain!

A good day.  I woke up early again, which really surprised me as I went to bed terribly late.  

I had my breakfast early and also set some yogurt to drain for later.  I read the paper, watched The Dog Whisperer and then did my computer stuff.  

I decided to do something a little different today.  The weather was nice, so I went to the mall.  I biked off, via the post office to mail my postcards.  At the mall, I went to the restaurant upstairs and had a meal.  I had the lunch special so it was bacon and spinach pepperoncino.  It wasn't bad, and the dishes that came with it were good too.  

After lunch I went to the 100 yen shop and did a little shopping for stocking stuffers.  I got some nice stuff I think.  I went downstairs and got a nice surprise.  One of the blocked off areas had a Subway sign on it.  Yes, in December, there's going to be a Subway in S-Mall.  I am so excited!  I'm not really into fast food anymore, but I love Subway.  

I went to Doutor and had a Houji-cha Latte.  It was nice, but a little different for me.  It probably had too much milk in it for me.  I emailed F a picture of the Subway sign so he called me back and we chatted about it!  

I went home soon after my tea.  It was still light out, but around 4:30 it was getting towards dark, and the traffic was increasing.  I had a good ride home and when I got there decided to do a little bike maintenance.  I pumped up my tires and also tried to spray a little of my WD-40 on the chain.  

In the mailbox I found two incoming postcards (yay) and I still had a bit of time to relax.  I put on the TV, and while watching Phineas and Ferb I started to make my cucumber and mint salad.  

I used the drained yogurt, plus the 3 cucumbers I had just bought and put it all together and into the fridge to chill.  I was just going to start dealing with the broccoli when F came home.  

I prepped the broccoli, but F wasn't quite ready to eat yet, so I took a break.  After the BBC news, I started cooking dinner.  I steamed the broccoli in the microwave and sauteed the tandori flavoured chicken for dinner.  It all came together quite quickly as most of the work was done.  We had a lovely dinner.  The cucumber salad was really good. I must remember that one!  Draining the yogurt was a really good idea.  Last time I made one I didn't and it was too runny.  

F did the dishes and we had a nice quiet and relaxing evening.  I even told F about the figure skating that was on in case he wanted to watch it.  At 11:15 I watched Once Upon a Time and enjoyed it.  I'm still wondering about the point of the show.   I enjoy the characters and the modern take on fairytales, but where's it all going?  I did some crochet during the show and finished the main piece of my shrug.  I now have two options.  1) Continue crocheting it until I run out of yarn and sew up the sides, or 2) make an edging on the sides and put buttonholes in it so that it is convertible.  I think 2) is winning, but I'm not sure how I'm going to do it!  

Well, are you still with me?  It was a good day.  No plans for tomorrow yet.  Talk to you then?  Night.

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