January 5, 2014

Sunday - Snowy, with clear patches

A pretty bad day.

I got up this morning thinking that it would be an okay day. How wrong I was.  I didn't feel very well at all and came through to the living room.  I checked my email and then because I was so tired and just "blah"  I went to sit on the couch where I'd get some of the warm air from the heater.  

F offered me a piece of toast, I took it, and it was lovely.  I tried to nap a bit, and then he started banging pots and pans.  After a while he dumped a bowl of noodles in front of me and said, "They're carbonara--eat them."  I rather more politely than I felt said, "No thank you."  And the war began again.

He ate them with all the usual noise and sucking sounds, and was really angry with me.  I wasn't interested in having any ramen noodles or ramen wannabe noodles, especially when I wasn't feeling well in the first place. Yuck.  If he'd asked me FIRST, it wouldn't have hurt his delicate nature so much.  

After a while, I chose to get up, get dressed and go out.  I did ask him if he wanted to come out for lunch with me, but he didn't.  I took a book, Kinsey and Me and walked over to Grado for lunch.  I had a lovely and slightly more expensive than I had planned for dinner.  I had beef with their soup, appetizers and then tea.  It was good, and the book was great.  

I debated going to the mall or going home afterwards.  I chose to go home because the weather wasn't great and I'd only worn my running shoes.  Mistake!  I was basically ignored for most of the day.  F still wasn't dressed, although after a while he got dressed and went out without me.  I wasn't invited.

He came back a while later with a haircut and a bag of food for himself.  He ate noisily as usual and watched Japanese TV.  

After he ate, I went to the kitchen and made myself some food.  I didn't have that much, just some sardines and some cold meat.  

I told him that there was a movie on at 9 that I'd like to watch and asked if he'd mind.  He gave me grief about how I usually change the station on him when he's watching something.  Yeah right buddy.  If you didn't have an earphone from your computer in your ear and both eyes glued to Youtube 95% of the time, I might have more sympathy for you.  I have none.

Anyway, I watched Moonrise Kingdom and it was cool.  It was a bit of an oddball film, but I kind of liked it. It was a bit slow in places, it just needed patience though!

Well, F didn't watch the movie, he went off and bought groceries for himself then came home and ate again.  He set up the breadmaker too.  Does he even remember he bought it for me?

He went to bed and I have spent the last part of the evening doing some long overdue postcrossings and looking up things on the internet.  

Tomorrow I think I might see if I can get out for lunch and maybe hit up the grocery store.  I don't know how long I'm going to be ignored and frankly, I don't care that much.  It's inconvenient that it's in winter though.  Much easier to live a single life without snow!  Got to go.  Night!

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Shonan LOvE said...

Seems I've dropped by first time in a long while.

Was in much-missed England for awhile, rally nice being there after 9 years. Do you miss the UK as well?

Alberta's pretty nasty right now, weather wise.

Sorry to hear about all this going on with yo, not pleasant.

PS: Anchorman 2 was so terrible. Don't watch it.