August 21, 2017

Monday - Hot and humid

An okay day.

I got up this morning around 8 am…I had woken up when F had to go to work, so I snoozed for a bit after that.  I watched the news and also had some coffee in my room.  

I went down after 9:30 and had breakfast with K.  That was quite nice.  She’d slept in our old bed last night and said she enjoyed it.  Yay!  That means she isn’t sleeping in the living room for now.  

I did a few loads of laundry and while I was hanging up the third load, F’s nieces and their children arrived to visit Great Granny.  I stopped in for a few minutes to be friendly, but then begged off to do some writing.  

I started my column today. Yay me!  I wrote about two and a half reviews so far, hopefully I’ll be able to write more tomorrow.  

I did watch a bit of telly this afternoon too.  I saw the first episode of season 4 of Agents of Shield. It was good.  

F called around 5 to say he would be a bit late, and he was.  He called later to say he was on his way, but it was past 6 pm I think. F came back to the house, bearing cold drinks.  Yay!

We decided where to go for dinner.  F’s stomach is still giving him trouble so I told him that I’d let him pick something that he wanted.  His requests were rice or ramen…so I suggested the Udon shop we’ve been going to.  F countered with several other restaurants which I agreed to go to.  Then he picked one that’s far away that I really don’t like and I said so.  That’s when he got annoyed.  Why?  I said yes to at least 5 restaurants that were not very good, only because he liked them, yet he gets angry when I said no to one more.  Don’t get it personally.  

We ended up at the first place I suggested and had an okay meal.  We had to move during the meal as F was by the bug zapper and the bugs were driving him crazy.  He told me not to look out the window behind me, but of course I did.  There was a huge swarm of mosquitos there.  Yikes.  

We had a couple of udon dishes and shared a tofu salad.  Unfortunately it had bait on it.  Bleck.  Fortunately, the F told the shop owner about the bugs and he comped our salad.  Woot!

We spent a few minutes at Mosburger using their wifi and then 10 minutes zooming around Yamazawa for some groceries for tomorrow.  We came back to the house and spent a quiet couple of hours here.  I darned in some ends of my poncho and watched The Good Wife. So many ends to go though.

And that’s it.  I watched  a little bit more TV, but don’t plan to watch more until the morning.  Not sure what I’ll get up to on Tuesday, plan to work on my column though.  

Come back Tuesday evening and see what I get up to.  Until tomorrow….

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