December 13, 2017

Wednesday - Cold and snowy

Quiet day, unpleasant in its end.

I got up this morning and got back into my old schedule of watching the news at 8 something. I remade the bed because F had made a real hash of it when I was away. It wasn’t easy remaking by myself!

I went downstairs and prepared my breakfast. K was still in bed, so I didn’t do anything for her. I brought my food upstairs and ate, then moved on to some computer things. I didn’t see K for ages, then I did hear her bumping around downstairs so knew she was up.  

I had a nice relaxing morning and even watched a bit of my TV from the weekend and from before. I went downstairs a bit after 1 to see about lunch and offered some to K. She accepted, so we had some food together. We had leftover chicken, hot salad, soup, a couple of croquettes and some coffee. It turned out okay really. I did the dishes afterwards and then escaped upstairs.

After a couple of hours, I went outside for a bit to clear a bit of snow. There wasn’t that much despite it being snowy and blowy all day. I came back in and waited for F.

When he finally got back to the house, he was in his usual foul mood. He was tired and crashed on the bed for a while, then got up and went out to get his mother some food. 

When he came back he asked me where I’d like to eat, so I named a couple of places but they didn’t meet his standards. I asked him where he’d like to go. His places didn’t meet my standards. Finally, he decided to take me somewhere so I could eat.  

In the car I suggested going for sushi, so that’s what we ended up doing. Things seemed better in the sushi place, but out in the car, F was back to his grumpy self. We went to the grocery store to buy a few things for the house…it was annoying walking through the store with nothing that was tempting me at all. Sigh. We got some stuff finally and I suggested making a nabe tomorrow night. At least we won’t be fighting over that I hope.

F took his shower fairly early and then I took one.  When I came back, F was asleep, or very nearly. He does have to go to work early, so I’ve been trying to cut him a bit of slack, but it is really hard.  

I asked him tonight to help me find the cookware we have from the apartment and to move it into the kitchen. I figure if I do it myself my stuff will mysteriously vanish, whereas if he does it, his mother will be so much more likely to go with it.  

That’s about it for my day. I have decided to go to a mini-convention in February. I will probably have to forgo my usual trip to Sendai city in order to afford it, but I think it’ll be okay.  

After my usual Christmas stuff, I will have to begin decluttering. I know it is necessary, but I have so much stuff that I can’t find anything. F needs to do it too, but won’t. I could do it for him, but I’d only leave him a t-shirt and a pair of jeans so perhaps I shouldn’t.  

That’s it for me.  Until tomorrow….

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