December 14, 2017

Thursday - Snowy & cold

An okay day.

F had to go to work early today, so was up and out quite early. I slept on and got up at my usual time.  I went downstairs to have breakfast and offered K some too. Today it was just cereal with tea, but it was nice enough to spend time together.

After breakfast, I did the dishes and then headed upstairs. I started wrapping presents for my sister’s family. It took quite a while, but I got them all done. I had to take a break for lunch along the way too. 

Although I offered, K didn’t want any lunch, so I made my own and brought it upstairs to eat. I finished up my wrapping and then made the forms for the post office. I had to do them because the boxes have so much in them!

F finished work at his usual time and came to the house. He was much nicer than he had been over the last few days which was a relief. 

I went downstairs to start getting the nabe ready and gave him a few minutes to veg and relax. He seemed very surprised to see me in the kitchen working on getting things ready. He had forgotten that we were making dinner at the house today. He took over most of the prep and I helped do a few things. I made the soup for the nabe, I set the table and carried things like drinks out to the table. 

The nabe was good today. The soup was good and so were the veggies in it. We did a Chicken nabe for a change so it was nice. 

After dinner, I did the dishes and then came upstairs. I didn’t think F would take long but he was quite a while downstairs. When he came upstairs he started babbling about changing our internet system. What? Apparently, while he was downstairs he got a cold call from another Internet Provider and has decided to change to them. I am not best pleased as I’ve used the same company for longer than I’ve known him and the service is usually good. I think F was surprised I wasn’t jumping for joy, but honestly? I’m the one with the computer, I’m the one who uses the internet the most…shouldn’t I have been involved in this discussion?

I listened to what F had to say and it might be okay. I am trying to keep an open mind.  However, I did have a serious little chat with F and told him that anything of the sort that affects me has to be discussed with me first. I told him I would never dream of making that kind of decision without his input and blessing. He seemed fairly contrite and offered to call and cancel the thing. I am hoping it isn’t necessary.

My beef at the moment is that I have never heard of the company and since I have no idea what the “deal” is, have no idea if it will work out or not.

Things calmed down and we ended up having a quite decent and friendly evening. It is a bit sad that it took 2 nights back before it did, but I shouldn’t whine. 

Tomorrow I have a couple more cards I want to write and I should probably make a move on my movie column. I have to write a new one by the end of the month. Fingers crossed it works out.

Come back in a bit and find out what I get up to. Until tomorrow….

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