February 8, 2018

Thursday - Slightly warmer, not much snow

A good day.

F left a little early this morning but came back to the room a couple of times.  Both times I reminded him that if he needed me to help shovel snow I would come, but he told me that there hadn’t been much overnight.

I got up around 8 and did my usual things.  I watched NCIS: LA too…the last one on at 9:00 am for a while.  Burn Notice will be on next.  I love Burn Notice, but I think I’ve seen most of the episodes already.

I had breakfast and watched a bit more telly during the day. I didn’t do laundry, although I did think about it.  

I offered K lunch again, but she was okay.  That wasn’t a problem.  I had my lunch and then did the dishes around 4.  I went outside and shovelled a little snow….I made things a little neater and did the bit around the house.  I had thought that I wouldn’t need to do any at all, so I had brought a bit of money with me.  Lately, I haven’t been getting out of the house at all by myself. Since I was done and it was still a bit light, I walked to the vending machines across from the park.  On the way there I noticed that F had called me, so I called him back.  He said that he would be late again.  I noticed that his mother was outside.  I had tried to ask her if she’d like a drink, but she couldn’t understand me!  She saw me outside and I waved.  I went over to the vending machines and grabbed a couple of small hot drinks.  I bought a Royal Milk Tea and a Hot Lemon with Ginger drink.  I know that K likes green tea, but I don’t!  If she didn’t want the drink then I’d probably have to drink it, and I wouldn’t like it.  It made sense at the time.  I love Royal Milk Tea and I’ve never had the Hot Lemon one, so thought it wouldn’t matter which one she’d like.

Well, I got back to the house and gave her the choice of drink.  She chose the Royal Milk one.  Then she invited me to sit down to drink and even gave me some cake that we brought back from Sendai as omiyagi.  Bonus!   It was actually really sweet of her.  I think she’s a bit lonely these days as no-one visits her, and we don’t spend a lot of time with her.  I washed my plate when I finished and headed back upstairs.

F didn’t get back until after 7 again. He wanted to go to the onsen and I said I’d go too.  I didn’t really want to, but he wanted to go last night too and we didn’t have enough time. 

F prepared the nabe for us and did a fabulous job.  I did the mundane things like set the table and arrange drinks for us all.  We cooked the nabe and it was really good.  We had bought a set of three nabe base soups at Costco at New Years and we’ve had two now.  They are really good!  K had seconds on the nabe and she hadn’t really wanted firsts.  I put out dessert for us too…there was some pudding in the fridge that we’d bought ages ago when we were going away so that K would have something nice to eat…they “expire” tomorrow so I thought it was time to use them.  

F washed the dishes, I dried them and put them away.  He sent me upstairs to get ready and then we left a few minutes before 9 pm.  

We didn’t have time to go to the onsen out of town since they close at 10 pm, so we went to the one nearest us.  We got in around 9 pm.  We set up a meeting time and went our separate ways.  I realized I had forgotten my shampoo, but hopefully, I’ll be okay.  I had a nice bath.  The one thing I don’t like about our closest onsen is the water is too hot for me!  It’s usually 41 or 42℃. Egads.  

I finished a little early as I thought if everyone was leaving at the same time it would be very crowded in the changing room.  I was out about 5 minutes before F was.

We talked about going for a drink, but decided not to since F was tired. We will have the weekend after all.  

So that is about it.  We came back to the house and relaxed. I watched Elementary and then a couple of other shows, F went to bed quite early.

Tomorrow I get to get up and do it all over again! Come back later and see how my Friday goes.  Today was quite nice, will Friday be better? Until tomorrow….


Rosa said...

It must be good exercise to shovel that much snow. I have never in my life shoveled snow, so I'm just imagining that!

That was really sweet of you to bring K a drink. I'm with you on the green tea. I don't like it!

Helen said...

It is good exercise...it actually can be deadly for some people. People have heart attacks because it is a lot of work. Here in Japan, a lot of elderly people get up on their roofs to clear the snow off and fall off. The snow here is quite sticky so it doesn't slide off.

I would have felt a bit mean if I had just bought myself a drink. I suppose it would have been okay really, but it wasn't a big deal!

Yeah, green tea. I tried to get into it when I came to Japan, but I just don't like it.