February 7, 2018

Wednesday- Snowy day

A good day.

It’s late and I’m tired so this’ll be fairly short I think.  F left for work this morning before 7:30 and after getting stuck around the corner, did make it to work today.  

I got up around 8 and filled up my water bottles for my coffee pot.  I also sorted out my laundry and watched the news and NCIS.    I did some laundry downstairs and had my breakfast as well.

I had a busy morning and a bit of an upsetting one too.  There’s a bit of a situation going on in one of my groups and I’m much too close to the situation.  I have exited the conversation as I need some space from it.  

I had a late lunch again today and it was okay.  All morning I thought I had English muffins for lunch, but I didn’t!  I made do with bread.  

I did dishes later on and also went outside and shovelled snow.  There is nowhere to put it at the moment.  The snowplough goes through and builds up the entrance of the parking lot, so I have to go back and shovel it for F.  It wasn’t easy as the snow on the roads has been built up to be really high. I had nowhere to put the snow.  

After an hour I called it done and then went back inside.  I came upstairs and watched a bit of TV that I had just taped, and also something from the DVR. I knew F would be late tonight, and he was.  The poor guy didn’t get back until after 7 pm.  

F wanted to go for a bath, but there wasn’t time for that and dinner too. I did suggest having a bath first and then going for dinner, but I was pretty hungry!

We went to Coco Ichibanya and both had “Grandmother’s Curry”.  I added scrambled egg on top of mine.  The curry was pretty good tonight.

We picked up a few groceries and came back to the house.  After a few minutes, I did up the garbage and got it ready to go out.  F took a shower and after a bit, I did too.  

And that’s about it.  No idea what I’ll get up to next.  I suppose you’ll have to come back tomorrow and find out. Until tomorrow…..

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