May 17, 2018

Thursday - Rainy and muggy, cooler

A quiet day. 

I woke up with my alarm this morning and got up.  I had my tea and watched the news and also the morning drama.  Recently it has been Major Crimes and I am just enjoying it so much. 

I grabbed my breakfast after my show and came upstairs to eat.  I watched a bit of telly until it was time to go down for lunch!  I also did a few Postcrossings today too. I only wrote 3 cards, but it’s nice to have a few in the mail for a change. Recently I’ve not had a lot of time to send cards out.

F sent a message to say he’d be late so I didn’t worry when he didn’t call after his finishing time.  When he called again he had decided to go and pick up my bike without me.  

At the house, he unloaded my bike from the car and I went out to see it.  The guy at the bike shop had cleaned up the rust and had repainted it in places. Now, I have no problems with the black fenders or the silver handlebars, but the body of the bike was a light blue, so they painted the back where I could tie things on a light green. It doesn’t go at all.  I think it would have been so much better in a contrasting colour at least. However, I am sure the guy did his best.  I’m going to have to try and take it out for a spin tomorrow or next week.

F and I went off to the grocery store seeking buns for the pulled pork and shredded veggies to make coleslaw.  We also picked up some oolong tea for dinner.  We came back to the house.

I got dinner on the table fairly quickly when we came back.  I got F to heat up K’s rice, sliced the buns open, and heated up the pulled pork.  I set the table and while I was putting out the glasses, I knocked mine over. It broke!  Yikes.  At first, I thought it was only broken into two pieces, but then K started pointing out the pieces near her.  Oh no.  We’d put her rice out already and I was worried that there might have been a shard of glass make it into the rice.  Of course, we took her plate away, tossed the rice, washed the plate and gave her more.

Dinner was quite good. I didn’t really feel like I ate enough, but I ate more than F and K.  K doesn’t eat a lot, and F wasn’t feeling well, so wasn’t really eating much.  

After dinner, I ended up clearing the table and putting everything away again.  I also was the lucky person who washed and dried all the dishes.  K did try to do a bit, but I shooed her away and redid her stuff.  We have different standards.  F didn’t make an appearance in the kitchen at all.  I was so angry with myself that I got stuck with all the work two days in a row.  He’s supposed to help me but doesn’t.  And he wants me to cook more? Bite me.

I went upstairs and sat at my computer for a few minutes.  F came upstairs and apologized for not helping and I told him I didn’t accept his apology.  I had to explain what that meant, but seriously.  Two days in a row?  If he’d even just come into the kitchen to keep me company or said that he wasn’t feeling well, but nothing. Again.

He left for a few minutes but came back.  There was great gnashing of teeth from his side of the bed and a few moans and groans too.  He told me that he was really not feeling well.  I felt sorry for him, but honestly, how am I supposed to know if he doesn’t tell me?

We talked for a bit and I said that I’d like to go out to mail my postcards. I suggested either going for dessert somewhere or for coffee. He chose dessert and Mos burgers, so we went off there.  He had an ice cream granola thing and I had a strawberry soy mousse thing and tea.  It was nice. We both used the wifi but less than an hour later came back to the house via the main post office.

There were showers and stinky fish cooked back at the house.  No, I didn’t eat the stinky fish.  I watched a very little bit of TV. F went to bed quite soon after his shower. He’s really having a hard time right now. I do feel sorry for him, but it just seems that he doesn’t tell me when he’s having a bad time of things.

Tomorrow I hope to do a load of laundry if the weather is okay and maybe even write a couple more postcards.  Come on back in a little while and see what happens.  Until tomorrow….

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