May 16, 2018

Wednesday - Hot and Sunny

A busy day.

This morning I woke up early because of the sunlight. I do wear an eye mask, but the sun peeped in around the edges. I managed to fall back asleep again, but when my alarm went off before 8 was able to get up immediately for a change.

I watched the news, which was a half version today, and then vegged for the next 30 minutes until my show was on. I watched that and then went downstairs to take care of things. I started a load of laundry, then went in the kitchen.  I set up my slow cooker with the ingredients for pulled pork and then let it go. I did the cleanup and then went over to the garage with the now clean but wet sheet.  

The quilt cover in the garage was dry now, so I brought it back to the house and put the sheet up in its place. I took it upstairs and then prepared my breakfast. Whew! It was a late breakfast, but still good.

I watched a bit of telly, something from the DVR and then checked on the NHK movie. Of course, it was one that I liked and hadn’t seen in ages, The Fabulous Baker Boys.  Michelle Pfeiffer is so good in that one. I kept putting off my lunch until it was nearly over.  

I had lunch and discovered that my dear mother-in-law had eaten one of the special buns that we’d bought to serve the pulled pork in. I had left the buns off the front part of the table, there was a loaf of bread prominently in the clear section that I would have been more than happy for her to have taken slices from. Oh well. I couldn’t do anything about it. She does like to sneakily take food from time to time, I’ve noticed. 

Lunch was good, and after I had finished, I came down again to the kitchen, washed dishes, dried them and mixed up the coleslaw for later on.  

I went back upstairs to do computer stuff and wait for F. He was late today, not calling until after 6 pm.

When he came back to the house, I started getting dinner ready to go on the table. I asked him to help me, but he was basically just standing around whining that he didn’t know what to do. I had to get the meat out of the slow cooker, set the table, prepare the remaining buns and get drinks set up. He vanished.  

I got things on the table and gave K some food. She actually had the good grace to mention that she’d taken a bun earlier. I didn’t really grudge it to her, just that it was supposed to be for dinner.

K and I started eating quite a bit before F showed up. He ate a little bit and seemed to like it. I know that he isn’t eating a lot of meat these days, but he’d pre-approved the menu before I took the roast out of the freezer, so he knew it was coming.  

After I finished eating, I cleared the table, put the leftovers away and washed and dried the dishes without any help. Usually, F washes the dishes or something, but tonight nada. Most annoying. 

When I was done I went upstairs and turned on my computer. I was quite ticked off, to be honest. When F came upstairs he did apologize for not helping. However, he made like he was going to go to bed. It was barely 8:30 and I wanted to go and do something. When he asked me what I suggested either going for coffee or to the Internet Cafe, so that was what we did.

We were able to get massaging chairs at the Internet Cafe, or I was anyway.  F got one that was broken. It still reclined, but didn’t work well.  Mine was fine.  I did a little loom knitting, watched a bit of TV and then some YouTube and just generally enjoyed the coolness and the comfort of the chair. After an hour and a half, I went to find F to see if he’d like to swap chairs and found that he’d already been given one of the working chairs, he just hadn’t bothered to tell me yet.  Apparently, it had just happened.  He said he was going to order food and said I could too, but I was still full from dinner.

We left on time and came back to the house.  He did offer to stop at a convenience store, but it wasn’t necessary. 

At the house, he did swap out my heavy winter quilt for a lighter weight one, except we have to share it. That fills me with a bit of fear as neither of us shares our quilts. I gave him a towelket, so at least he’ll have something over him.  

He went to bed a while ago and I’m still up. Much too late and all that. However, yesterday I was already in bed by this time and I couldn’t keep my eyes open, today, not so much. Too much iced coffee at the Internet Cafe?

Anyway, tomorrow probably won’t be as busy until F gets back to the house. We have to go and pick up my bike and then a few groceries. Come back later and see what happens. Until tomorrow….

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