June 29, 2020

Monday - Cloudy and a bit sunny at times.

I woke up this morning after F had left and had a very quiet morning. I watched the news from the bed and then had a hard time getting up and dressing. When I finished I took my temperature and then went downstairs to grab my breakfast.

After I ate I got really tired so I took a nap for a bit and then got up. I had planned to start making dinner early but realized that I’d likely run into K’s lunchtime if I did. I waited until later. It was a good call!

I went downstairs around 1 pm to start the pasta salad. The recipe said it would take about 10 minutes to prepare or something…Maybe if you had a kitchen elf to help out, but otherwise…it took me a couple of hours!  I cooked the pasta, cut up the veggies and the cheese and meat, and finally mixed it all together. I put it in the fridge to let it absorb all the yummy flavours!

I went back upstairs and watched the end of The Aftermath. It was a movie that I’d watched half of on either Thursday or Friday. It had Keira Knightley as the wife of a British officer in Germany after WWII. The movie itself was okay, there was a fair amount of sex and nudity and one of the male leads was rather good looking. It was okay. I liked Keira as always.

I went downstairs after 5:30 to get started on the rest of dinner. I prepared some broccoli so that it would have time to cool, marinated the chicken and got the kitchen ready for me to cook.  F called by mistake once and then a bit later called to say he was returning.

When F arrived, I got into gear and cooked everything.  We had lemon-pepper flavoured chicken, pasta salad, cold broccoli and miso soup. It was all quite good. The pasta salad was quite popular. F took seconds without me asking and gave his mother more too. 

Of course, I got gifted with all of the cleanup, but because I’d done most of my prep early, there wasn’t a ton of things to clean up. Hurray for small favours!

F went upstairs soon after dinner, I followed a little later. He was stuck on YouTube and the like, so really didn’t want to chat with me. I watched a movie on TV and then ended up turning the TV off. 

I hope to be able to work on the mask for F tomorrow and also to make something for dinner tomorrow night. Come back later if you like and find out what happens. Until tomorrow….

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