November 24, 2021

Wednesday - Rainy

I woke up when F got up this morning. He didn’t really wake me up, I told him that he could turn on the light if he wanted as it was really dark in our room. I don’t think he did!

I woke up again when my alarm went off. I went downstairs and then came back to the room. I got half dressed and then went back into bed to watch the news and relax for a while. I fell asleep for a little and then…F walks in the room. Oops. He had free time while he was waiting for the people he was driving around. He stayed for a while. I got dressed and gave him a cup of coffee.

He finally left and then I decided not to do laundry. I really should have done some. 

I had a quiet afternoon and morning. I had a normal breakfast but a late lunch. F kept calling me or texting me…we had received a notice from the post office saying that they had tried to deliver something for him. Oh dear. I hadn’t heard the door at all. I sent him a picture of the notice and he arranged for redelivery later in the day.

He called me just a little after 5 pm to say he was finished work and was on his way back. I went downstairs and got started on dinner.

Tonight I ended up doing something simple for dinner. I made toaster oven chicken, bibinba rice, sautéed mushrooms and we had salad too. It actually worked out quite nicely. Everyone seemed to enjoy the meal and I wasn’t stressed out, which is always a bonus. Dinner started before 7 pm, which was also nice.

I did the dishes afterwards. It did take a while, but I listened to some of my podcasts and enjoyed the heck out of them!

I finished close to 9 pm and then I went upstairs and relaxed for a couple of minutes. F and I decided to go shopping to get a couple of things for dinner tomorrow night. I picked up some pork, I couldn’t think of anything and F had no ideas, same as usual. 

We came back to the house and put the groceries away. F and I went upstairs, I gave him a cup of tea and some cookies that we got on his birthday. He liked the cookies but not my favourite rooibos tea. Sigh. 

I watched Grey’s Anatomy and after it was over an episode of The Worst Witch. I think that one is really cute. 

And that’s my day. Tomorrow I really need to work on my ornament a bit more, I need to perhaps write a couple of Christmas Cards and who knows what else?!  Come back later if you like and hear if I did any of it. Until tomorrow….

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