October 24, 2009 - Saturday

A little cloudy and quite cool.

Today was okay. I woke up, got up and watched the news. Hurray, it was finally on. F went off to have a massage this morning while I took my shower and just generally got ready to go to work.

We went out for lunch to the Grand Elsun. We had chicken for lunch, with carrot and paprika soup. Very very yummy. After lunch, I asked F to drop me off at my school. He did and I got busy.

I was early, so I took stock of what I had to do. I decided to wait until after my class to do my bookkeeping, and before class checked my class and did some cleaning.

Class was interesting today. I went off text a lot (too much?) trying to show a student that an English-English dictionary is better for her than a Japanese-English one. Not sure if I succeeded or not!

After she left, I locked the door, made myself a cup of tea and got stuck in with my bookkeeping. I did very well and brought everything right up to date. I think my hubby is going to need my numbers soon for his office. Sigh. I hate, hate, hate, having to give other people my numbers.

A little later, I changed and then called my hubby. Tonight we had an okay dinner of nabe at a Japanese restaurant. I really liked mine, F not so much. Then again, he's darn picky.

We went to the grocery store nearby for another spaghetti squash and some milk. F is an odd sort in the grocery store. He rarely has a plan when he goes to one, he just wanders blindly until I get fed up and drag him out of the store!

We came home, where I asked if we could watch a movie together or something, but F wanted to watch news. Fair enough, but he never seems to realize that something that starts off as news on J-TV, soon ends up as some stupid tarento discussion. So, I put on my headphones while he watched the news. After a while it was obvious that the news was over. He started changing the channel but at no point did he actually tell me that the news was over. Grr.

Around midnight he went to bed. I was a little angry with him, and said so. Then when I got up to have some coffee I realized that my tape that I was taping MY shows with had run out and had ejected. Great. He couldn't have told me? He must have seen or heard it. So, I missed the last 10 to 15 minutes of Cold Case. Ack.

I don't want to have a repeat of a couple of weeks ago so I'm going to try to be pleasant tomorrow. It might be a stretch though. His only plan for the day is to go fishing. Of course, I HAVE to go. Sometimes it is fun, but usually it isn't. I end up smelling like bait, am too cold and have to pee!

Anyway, I need to get some sleep. If I'm not up at a reasonable-ish time tomorrow I'll never hear the end of it. My husband sure knows how to ruin my weekend.


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