February 13, 2010

Saturday - Snowy but warm.

An okay day. I got up, watched the news and then took a shower. F was at home this morning and didn't go to the doctor. We watched the first couple of minutes of the Olympic opening ceremonies and then left for brunch.

Today we had brunch in Marumatsu. It was, to be nice about it, okay. It wasn't great. Still, it was fast and cheap, so overall, fine. After brunch, I popped into the grocery store to buy a sandwich for later, and then went to the school.

I did a bit of snow shovelling, but not too much as it really wasn't necessary. After that, I went into my school and got to work for real.

Classes went well today, and my day passed quickly. I did up my paperwork and then called F to come and get me.

We had dinner at Edoitchi and then picked up a few groceries. We didn't pick up milk though...it was the one thing that we really needed to get! Typical.

We came home and watched a bit of the Olympic Opening Ceremonies then stopped the playback to watch Harper's Island. I'm into that show, but it creeps me out too!

When tonight's episodes finished we went back to the Olympics. I am so annoyed. The blooming Japanese announcers talked all through EVERYTHING. I swear sometimes they should just ST*U. Some things just don't need explaining. GAH. kd lang was great, and how wonderful to see Anne Murray, Donald Sutherland and Terry Fox's mother Betty carry the flag in. I'm still watching and waiting to see how they'll bring the flame in. Sadly too many Internet sites have blabbed about who it was, so I know, but...I was looking forward to the suspense.

Anyway, tomorrow is Valentine's day. I'm planning to make brunch at home, but apart from that I have no ideas. I gave hubby his card a little after midnight, but haven't been out to get him anything else, so don't know if I will be able to or not. He was quite pleased with me for the card!

I have to go. It's late and I'm a bit tired. The ceremonies are winding down on the telly, but they were great...exept for the fact I had to watch them on Japanese TV. Got to go...night!


Gaijin Wife said...

I thought kd lang sounded superb. Definately the best singing bit in there. Must be a lot more exciting for you. I agree the Japanese annoucers do tend to talk too much. There will be a lot of coverage though which is good. Nothing on New Zealand I doubt but then I don't think we have any medal prospects anyway. Could be wrong but.

Hope you have a nice Valentines day and your brunch with hub went well :)

Can you put your own word verification in? my word is 'helene'

Helen said...

Nope to the identification code. Lately I have noticed on other people's pages that the code seems more relevant to the entry I've read.

It is exciting to see the Olympics in Canada. Thing is, I end up in tears all the time especially during the opening ceremony when they show all the Canadiana. Makes me terribly homesick and I wonder what in the heck am I doing in this annoying country anyway!!!

kd lang did sound great, and doing a Leonard Cohen song too....She's from my province and isn't too popular there with farmers, but she's a great singer.

And brunch was nice! Thanks.

Thanks for visiting :-)