February 2, 2010

Tuesday--Sunny and gorgeous, then snowy at night.

A good day basically. It was my first day trying to get back into the swing of things. I did reasonably well. I got up in time to see the news, and then watched a documentary about people in New York on NHK. I took a late shower, but no worries!

In the afternoon I watched some of my taped TV, then Cold Case before making my lunch. I headed off to work in a swirl of white stuff. In a very short time, it had changed from glorious sunshine to the inside of a snow globe. Still, it wasn't bad riding my bike as the snow wasn't staying on the ground at that point.

My class was fine today. The student was great as usual and we had fun. I even gave him part of a test today and he aced what he did. Yay.

I cleaned up, did paper work and set up for another class, then read a bit. I hadn't heard from my hubby yet, so I sent him a text, and then another one a bit later. That got him.

He picked me up and we went to Jiro for dinner. I had my favourite there, sautéed pork with lashings of onions and garlic oil. Yum. After dinner we made a quick stop at the grocery store, where we got fixings for tomorrow's dinner. I'm thinking F may cook. I'm hoping too!

We came home and watched Criminal Minds and then I watched Project Runway. It's on again. I hate the late Tuesday time, but will get used to it. It was a fun show, and it was cool to see Austin Scarlett from the first season back again.

That's really about it for the day. I did lots of computer stuff like downloading pictures from my cellphone and making new templates for my read books and then of course there's blogging itself. Ack. Always so much to do. Still, I need some sleep tonight, so I'm off. Have a good night!

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