June 21, 2010

Monday - Humid, hot and rainy.

Today was an okay day. I can't really say that I accomplished much, but it's so hot at the moment that just staying still is hard work.

I got up, watched some TV, watched some more TV and made a faboo lunch for myself. I did. I took the last bit of my leftover mac & cheese and added half a small can of tuna to it, then a camembert cheese square broken up, plus a touch of parmesan as well. Then I microwaved it for a couple of minutes. Yum. Basically a pauper's version of tuna casserole, but I was in heaven!

When F came home tonight I was watching The Terminator. I offered to rewind it, but he said it was okay. Then, he watched a bit of it too, but got up to do laundry and made all kinds of noise during the quiet romantic part just before Kyle and Sarah get to know each other. I got a bit mad and stopped the tape and rewound it. I rewound it because I have things programmed on the tape and I didn't want to tape over the movie by accident.

We went to Kintarosushi for dinner. It was okay, not great. I didn't have to order too much tonight as most of my faves came down the conveyer belt. Hub was in a hurry to leave at the end, not sure why. Went out to the car and while trying to avoid the big puddle he parked in, whacked my head on the door of the car. He didn't notice. Sigh.

We came home and he asked me to put the movie on again, so I did. This time I started it from the beginning for him. It was fun. The story holds up, despite all of the sequels, and versions out there. The special effects weren't great, but they were okay. I always feel a little sorry for Michael Biehn, he was really good in that film, but hasn't been in a lot of other movies.

After that, F went to bed. He stayed up way too late last night so I think he was a bit tired. I went in to visit him for a few minutes and then came out to blog the night away.

Tomorrow I have one class in the evening, but will probably leave here around 5 so I can run some errands. I'll catch you again tomorrow night, if I haven't melted into a puddle somewhere. Bye!

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