July 20, 2010

- It was hot and sunny today. Too hot and too sunny for me!

I had an okay day today. I got up a bit late as I slept right through my alarms. However, the news had been on, so I watched my tape of it. How nice to see it again.

I had to get ready fairly quickly today as I hadn’t prepped anything for my trip to the school. I was smart and set out my clothes early on and that helped a lot. I also watched some of the weekend’s TV. I’m quite enjoying Laurence Fishburne on CSI and the new Cold Case season just started. I was fair chuffed to hear David Essex’s Rock On playing in the background. Yay! It’s just too bad that it seems to be the only song of his that US people know.

I had a nice lunch of a ham and cheese omelette and then headed off to work. It was so hot outside. I felt like I was getting a sunburn, although I don’t think I did at all.

At my school I became quite busy. It was so hot in there, it was well over 32 degrees. I turned on the AC and then dusted and vacuumed the school. It was time. My student came a little late, but we had a good class.

After her class, I had 3 hours so I spent them mostly reading the newspapers from this weekend. I also listened to my new Lady Antebellum cd and my new Lady Gaga cds. I really enjoyed the Lady Gaga ones. She’s fun and the songs are a bit too catchy if you know what I mean.

My second class went well and after the student left I did the dishes and the paperwork. I called F around 9 and he came to get me.

We went to Cocos for dinner. It was okay. Tonight I just had pasta and a salad. I didn’t feel like too much really. We decided to get yakiniku for dinner tonight so when we arrived at the grocery store, we bought some meat and veggies.

We came home and watched American Idol together. F was looking very very tired. He was so quiet too. His back is bothering him again, so he finds it difficult to be his normal happy self. Sigh.

Really, that’s about it for me. I’m off work tomorrow, but I hope to do a bit of housework and maybe finish up my novel. It’s so funny I really want to see what happens. Night!


siti the twins said...

hey,it's alright ms.Helen,it mean your life is much merrier.I'm a big fan of American Idol too. this Thursday i have presentation... wish me good luck!

Helen said...

Good luck on your presentation! I hope it goes well.