July 5, 2010

Monday - Cloudy, muggy and hot.

This morning came a bit early for me. I woke up just before F got up. When he was getting dressed, I felt the earth start to move. We had a small earthquake this morning at 6:55. It wasn’t a big one, but I noticed. F didn’t!

I tried to go back to sleep after F left but couldn’t so I got up and checked email, read a few websites and then went back to bed and sleep. It was quite a bit later when I got up.

At 1:30 I watched Slumdog Millionaire. It was great! I hadn’t seen it before when it was in theatres because I was worried about subtitles, but the version on TV had them. What a neat little movie. I understand why it won so many Academy Awards.

I had a bit of lunch and looked for some recipes for dinner. I had never cooked lamb before so wanted a little guidance. I also looked for some ways to cook eggplant. I found a couple of fairly easy ways, but I just needed to get a few more ingredients.

I made a quick trip to the grocery store and got some cream for dessert, some olive oil, herbs and that’s about it. Still cost a bit. I came home and started putting the marinades together. I did a garlic-rosemary one for the lamb chops and a garlic-basil one for the eggplant. They both smelled wonderful and so did my hands! I began to marinate the lamb and the eggplant. When they were stewing away, I hulled the strawberries and divvied them up in a dish.

Poor F was really late tonight. It was about 8:30 when he called to say he was on the way home. When he called, I started the coffee and started cooking the eggplant.

When he came home I was cooking the eggplant and the coffee was done. Trying to get him to sit down to eat was a bit of a problem though. He just wouldn’t get with the programme.

I grilled the lamb and it was perfect. F was really impressed and quite honestly, so was I! I cooked the chops medium rare and they were so good. The eggplant was nice too, but I think if I do it that way again, I’ll just cook them a soup├žon longer.

After we ate the main course I cleared the table and started to wash the dishes while F took on the task of whipping the cream. At first he wasn’t going to do all the cream and then he was. He poured it into a ramen bowl and got busy. Not in the kitchen where it would make sense, oh no. In the living room. He dropped the whisk. Cream splattered all over the floor and the couch. He cleaned it up. Continued after washing the whisk. He dropped the whisk AGAIN and it splattered all over the floor and couch again. I washed the whisk again. He continued. He finished and the cream was so hard it would have been butter in 2 more minutes!

We had our strawberries and cream and they were lovely. The cream was excellent.

This time, F did the dishes. I’d left the grill pan and then there were the dessert dishes. He volunteered to do them.

We watched most of Total Recall. I had forgotten just how much fun that film is. It’s good, but uber-violent.

At midnight F took his bath and I started watching Mamma Mia. It’s just so much fun! Even though poor Pierce can’t sing at all, everyone is having so much fun in that film.

Well, that’s it for me. Tomorrow I only have one evening class but F might be working late. I think we’ll be having dinner out as I don’t usually cook on working nights!

Got to go. Night night!

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