August 7, 2010

Saturday - Hot and sunny, a bit cloudy in the afternoon.

A good day. I woke up and F was on the couch. He’d already been out to the doctor’s office to put his cards in so that he could get into see the doctor fairly early. Unfortunately, he didn’t look that good. He had a huge red mark on his forehead. He told me that when he first arrived at the doctor’s office and got out of our lovely air conditioned car, his glasses fogged up from the humidity. He walked to the office with his glasses pulled down on his nose and was trying to see over the top of them when he walked into a concrete light post. I suppose it never occurred to him to just TAKE HIS GLASSES OFF!

We had a quite nice brunch at Cocos this morning. It made a nice change from Gusto but was a little further away. Still I got back to my school at a decent time. It was hot today. Not as hot as Thursday was, but hot. I set everything up and when my student came, had a good class.

She left and I had a bit of time to sort myself out. Around 3:45, F showed up and then around 4 I had an interview. The person was nice, but I’m not sure if they will join my school. Either way I would be okay with it. Can’t really say too much.

F left after the visitor and I finished getting ready for my last class. When my student came we also had a good class. We finished up the lesson about 20 minutes early and rather than start a new lesson and not complete it, I gave her a worksheet. It was a bit challenging in a good way.

After her class, she left and I did my big clean up. I got everything done and then called F. He picked me up and we went to Moku-Moku for dinner. It was quite nice tonight. I had cold pasta with crab and summer vegetables. I really enjoyed it, although the red pepper is making me hiccup a little!

We came home afterwards and I watched the new 90210. Tonight “Donna Martin” from the old show showed up. Apparently she’s been living in Japan for the last few years and is selling her fashions there. Yeah! As if. Many of the scenes that showed her doing “Japanese” things were quite sad! She went to an LA version of kaiten sushi, but F noticed that nobody was eating the sushi! And F couldn’t understand her Japanese when she supposedly used some on the phone. Ha ha ha.

House was on later and I watched that of course. It was good if a bit strange. It featured an actress from Harper’s Island playing a 15 year old model. Bit weird.

Anyway, that’s it for me. I really should hie me hither to my bed. No real plans for tomorrow. I might get passport photos taken, or not. It’s Tsuruoka’s big fireworks night, but F didn’t get us tickets this year so I don’t think we’re going to go. I’m a bit sad, but oh well.

Got to go. Night!

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