September 9, 2010

Thursday - Warm and sunny.

A goodish day. I got up on time today as my phone rang before my alarm did. My missing student phoned to let me know what was happening. She had a really good excuse for missing her class the other day, so I completely understand. Sorry, can’t really go into details or anything.

I had a quiet morning at home. I showered, and did a bunch of usual stuff really. I decided not to go out again today. I left for work around 5, and made a detour into the drugstore today. No problems this time. Yay.

I had two classes at my school tonight and both went well. In the second one we chatted a bit too much, but did a little work as well.

After work, I finished up and called F to come and get me. He did and then we went to Cocos for dinner. We both had the same thing, a beef hamburg steak with drink bar and their mud pie. It was nice, even with bananas on it!

We came home and F watched some horrible show about a woman teaching foreigners Japanese. The acting, if you can call it that was childish and the whole thing looked amateur. After telling my husband that I’d heard it was racist, I put my headphones on and listened to an internet radio station.

And honestly, that’s about all for my day. It was quite good. Talk to you tomorrow night. Have to go. Night!


mama penguin said...

Glad everything is going well on the home front. Is Cocos a Japanese version of Denny's? Sounds like a good place to grab a bite.

Helen said...

I guess it is a little stays open late and has a good drink bar. The food is okay without being great!

I've only been to Denny's a couple of times, so not really sure.