October 14, 2010

Thursday - Sunny and warm

An okay day. I got up on time this morning, watched most of the news and then fell asleep on the couch! However, I did get up and then got on with my day. I had a good day, just a bit quiet.

I went to work around 4 pm. My student came a bit later than usual, but it was prearranged so not a problem. When he came in to my classroom, I noticed that the slippers that I make him wear are now much too short for him. I offered him a longer pair and even they are a bit short. Good grief, when did he get so tall?

Our class was fine and his mother picked him up on time. I had a bit of a break so I did some prep and then waited for my next student. And waited. Finally, after about 25 minutes, my cell phone rang. The mother had forgotten about my class today. Oops. I put all my stuff away for that class.

My last student was a bit late tonight too. She’d made an error when she was driving and went the wrong way. She’d come from a different direction today and at night the roads look the same because they’re so badly lit.

After class I finished up rather quickly and checked my Saturday set up. Yay me. I had a cup of tea and then looked at my phone. I hadn’t turned it back on after class. Sigh. I turned it on and I got a couple of messages from my husband. I called him and let him come and get me.

We went to Cocos tonight and it wasn’t busy at all. I had pasta with porcini mushrooms. It was nice, but nothing too special, F had a burger with rice.

We came straight home afterwards and watched ER. The new Chief Resident arrived, played by Angela Bassett. She’s great, but the character is quite different. We’ll see what happens.

And that basically was my day. I didn’t do anything too exciting but it was an okay day.

Tomorrow if the weather is okay, I hope to go to Sakata and get the visa and re-entry permit transferred from my old passport to my new one. Wish me luck with that! Night.

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