December 21, 2010

Tuesday - Cold but clear and crisp.

A good day. I got up fairly early this morning and had breakfast. I got ready to go out. Van took the kiddies to their respective schools and then dropped me off at Kate's school. She took me into the office and we waited until the teacher came to meet me.

I went to the Grade Eight class and talked to them about Japan. It wasn't a real lesson, it was a bit of a mish mash. I taught them some simple Japanese, talked about living in Japan, showed them pictures and at the end gave them some Japanese food. They liked the gum, hated the nori and really liked the dried squid I took! That surprised me quite a bit. It was fun, and the kids seemed to enjoy themselves. I had much more I could tell them, but hopefully it'll be a good promo to their next unit on Japan.

Van and I went shopping after she picked me up. I love going to the grocery store here. There is just so much I want to look at and ooh-and-ah at and buy! I got a few things like gravy packets today. Yay for me.

We came back to Van's house and I made soup while Van did her workout. I chopped veggies and meat and threw it all in her slow cooker. Yum.

I had a bit of a quiet afternoon until the children came home. Then Zach got a bit rambunctious but no big deal really.

We had dinner around 6. The soup was so thick it was like a stew, but it was great. Very good really. We cleaned up a bit afterwards and then went out.

We drove over to Candy Cane Lane. It's a famous street in Edmonton where the residents all decorate for Christmas. Some of the houses were amazing. They were really funny or gorgeous. On the way back to Van's we drove around Beaumont and saw some of the places that had decorated here.

We started to watch Live Free or Die Hard but I was falling asleep on it. I decided to come downstairs and blog and maybe get an early night. I'm so tired. I feel more jet-lagged now than I did last week! I'll likely get some sleep soon. Last night I came downstairs, got into bed with the TV on and woke up at 2 am with the lights on and the TV still blaring away. Sigh.

Got to go..yawning away. Night!


jy said...

The jetlag reaches it's peak when it's time for you to return!

Helen said...

I hope it's over before then! I'm a night owl so going to bed before midnight irks me!!!

Thanks for visiting!

medea said...

Oooh Candy Cane Lane! I remember necking there when I was a teen!

Thanks for letting me live vicariously through your vacation home!

Helen said...

You are very welcome Medea!

When you come back to Edmonton, I live vicariously through you, so fair's fair!

Necking in Candy Cane Lane? Wow! I had no one to neck when I went :-(