February 25, 2011

Friday - Rainy then a little snowy and cold.

An okay day. I woke up, got up to watch the news and then turned over and ended up watching Elmer Gantry, which is a movie that I hadn’t seen before. It was very good, and seemed topical in this era of scandal. Burt Lancaster was in it and was amazing as usual. It was interesting to see Shirley Jones in the film as a young prostitute. She later played the mum on The Partridge Family, so quite a turn of career.

I made the bed and discovered that F had gone to work without his cell phone. Sigh. Too bad. The silly man.

I watched some TV on tape and then F came home. We went out to the doctor’s office. I had an x-ray of my foot taken but apparently there’s nothing to be seen on the x-ray. I think that they were looking in the wrong place personally, but I’m not a doctor. He thinks I’ve torn a ligament, and gave me some plasters that make my foot too cold.

Anyway, after that F and I had a late lunch and then came home for a bit. F proceeded to watch the most godawful Japanese TV possible for all the time we were at home. I could feel the IQ points leaving my brain. They were just packing their bags and catching the last train to the coast.

We had dinner in Cocos which was okay and then came home via the grocery store. F got himself a bunch of junk food.

The rest of the evening was mostly filled with bad Japanese TV. We caught the last few minutes of Prince Caspian, but then it was back to the BJTV. Urgh. I watched Numbers after 1, but by then my brain was mush!

Tomorrow night if all goes well, and we don’t have too much snow we’ll be in Sendai so there won’t be an update. Don’t miss me too much please. Night!

Long time readers will know that today has a sad meaning for me, but this year I think I’ll just keep things low key. I haven’t forgotten, I don’t think I could.

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JY said...

Have a good trip up in Sendai... *boo* too mind mushing Japanese TV!!!