January 31, 2011

Monday - Cold and snowy.

Today was an okay day. I actually woke up this morning when F was getting ready to go to work, so I got up and helped him a little. I warmed up his thermos for him and I gave him a big hug before he left. After he left I stayed up for a while, without the heater on, just reading blogs and email. I went back to bed and slept. I even changed my alarms so I could wake up later.

When I got up I watched a little TV or more than that, cleaned the toilet, got some work done on the internet and then got ready to go out.

I walked to the post office to make a payment for books for my school, then came back and tried to shovel the snow in the parking space. It was quite compacted so I didn’t manage to move much of it. Still, I managed to move some of it so I think it helped. It started snowing and blowing after a while so I gave up and went inside.

I changed to some inside warm clothes and then I swept the inside of our apartment building. I hadn’t done it last week so it was a bit dusty. Today was the last day of our month of doing it, so I wanted to leave people with a good impression.

I came back in and waited for F to come home. When he did, he didn’t even change his clothes before heading into the kitchen to look for food. I was a little annoyed as I was hungry too and wanted to eat dinner fairly soon!

We went to Jiro and had a nice meal. I had my usual, pork saute in garlic oil with lashings of onions. So good! F had a mixed fry which was a bunch of deep fried seafood. Glad I skipped it.

We went off to my school then to check the snow situation. I wanted to shovel a bit, but F said he couldn’t get the car in the gate, then got it in halfway when he turned the car around. Hmm. I went inside the school to set the heater for tomorrow and then we left again.

We stopped at a drugstore and then the grocery store for a few things for the apartment and then came home again. F watched a bunch of crap tv and then at 10ish I started to make muffins. I had bought the mix last year and I just thought that it would be nice to have something for F to grab for a quick bite in the morning.

I made up the mix by adding an egg and some butter to the mix. The box said to use an electric mixer to mix it all, but to be honest I’ve never heard of using one for muffins. I had to cut the butter to pieces, but it seemed to work. I got them all in the oven , but they were quite small. The box said it made 8 muffins, but what it didn’t say was how small they were! Still, I baked something. Yay me!

We watched Hell’s Kitchen and had coffee and a muffin each. They were quite nice little muffins. I’d still prefer bigger ones, but they were all I had! I did a bit of crochet as well during Hell’s Kitchen and enjoyed myself. After the show I watched That 70’s Show which was funny and made both F and I laugh.

That’s it. My day. I got a few things done and that makes me glad. Tomorrow however, I’ll have to leave early for the school as my student is coming early and I’ll have to shovel a massive amount of snow in a short time. Sigh. Night!

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