March 7, 2011

Monday - Clear and sunny.

An okay day today. I overslept but didn’t care! I didn’t have to be anywhere today so it was fine. I watched a bit of TV today, both from the weekend and on WOWOW. I lazed around for a long time. Yay me!

I had a lovely brunch of leftover stew…so good. I am so going to have to make that again. If F doesn’t like it, tough.

In the afternoon I brought my computer over to the coffee table and sat at the table and used my computer. That felt amazing. It really did. How nice to be in front of the TV and heater for a change.

F came home and instead of going out to get ingredients for dinner wasted a lot of time and then decided to just go out for dinner. I suggested Cocos but made the mistake of telling him that if he thought of a different place we could go there. He wanted the not very good Chinese place far from here. Bleck. We get there and find out that their bad menu got worse as they only have a few dishes on offer now. I suggested that he not get ramen but we get some dishes to share between us. He didn’t get ramen, but did get another noodle dish.

I wasn’t terribly happy with dinner. I thought it was too greasy. He liked it.

We came home via my school and the grocery store. I guess I’ll cook after work tomorrow. I don’t have a busy day, I just hate cooking that late at night. Guess I’ll have to though.

When we arrived home I put on the TV and watched the Tim Gunn fashion show. I’d missed it this morning. F decided to ask me computer stuff all through it, so I asked him to be quiet. Sauce for the goose? He tried watching a video on his computer so I not terribly politely asked if I should lend him some earphones! If he’s watching TV and I want to listen to something that’s what I would do. Why isn’t that good manners to him?

We weren’t really fighting today, which is a relief. I know his neck and back are really bad, and his work is stressful at the moment. My work, or lack thereof is stressful for me too.

Anyway, I made some decaf tea later on and we both had some. It was lovely and relaxing. I hope he can sleep well enough tonight.

That’s it for me. I have one evening class tomorrow, and then I’ll cook dinner. I’ll have to do a bit of prep in the afternoon first though. Gotta go. Night!


Orchid64 said...

I hope things improve on the work front soon! I think that the continuing bad economy is making it hard to get new students. I recently got my first new one in about 8 months. I'm lucky to keep the "old" ones, but new ones come along very rarely.

Helen said...

It just seems like people don't think English is important these days. Parents are putting their trust in the school's new system....which will probably have the same outcome the old system has. Not that I'm cynical or anything!

Thanks for visiting as always :-)