June 19, 2012

Tuesday - Rainy and very very windy

A good day.

The weather today was terrible.  When I left for work it was windy and rainy.  Luckily for me, the wind was going in the same direction as I was, so I didn’t have to work too hard to get to work.  There was some construction along the way though, so the men there made me cycle on the sidewalk.  

Sadly, my student was too busy again to come for her class, so I used the time in my school to take care of some things.  F called me and then picked me up a bit after 6 pm. I suggested going to Cocos for dinner, so that’s what we did.  

Tonight the restaurant wasn’t too busy so it was nice.  I had chicken and F had a burger with egg and rice.  His did look nice.  We discussed dinner tomorrow.  I’m meeting an ex-student and we’re going somewhere gorgeous, so F can have all the ramen he wants!  I suggested that he go somewhere for it, but he didn’t really want to .  He wants to make it at home.  

We came home via the Pal drugstore and grocery store for a few essentials, and had a quiet evening at home.  

At eleven, I joined F on the couch for Criminal Minds and finished darning in the ends on the blanket.  I also crocheted a row down one side, but am not sure that I like it.  I may take it out again.  I’m trying to design an extension for the blanket that looks like it belongs rather than a tack on at the end.  No ideas yet.  I’ll keep thinking.  

And that’s my day. I received a postcard, as did F, and I prepped two for sending tomorrow.  The wind outside is extremely strong right now.  I’m hoping that the storm will blow out overnight and will leave us with good weather afterwards, but that may be wishful thinking!  Got to go.  Night!

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