June 6, 2012

Wednesday - Humid and rainy

Had a mostly good day today.  I got up on time or thereabouts and got on with my day.  It was a fairly quiet one. I even had my lunch at a lunch-like time.  Today’s lunch was an omelette with leftovers from dinner last night.  It was great.

I made a quick run to the post office after 4 pm to drop off a couple of cards.  The rain started on my way home, and I got a bit wet.  

After F came home he wanted to go for dinner to one of his places. I wasn’t too enthusiastic, but agreed as long as we didn’t go to the place he loves and I hate.  We went and had an okay dinner.  

At the grocery store on the way home we bought enough food for two nights.  Hurray for that .  I’m getting tired of this one night eat at home, one night eat out but argue for hours about where to go.  

We watched a bit of TV and things were good until I was rudely shushed by someone.  

Anyway, that’s about it for me.  Tomorrow I’m off to work for my class and then we’ll see what I feel like doing afterwards.  Wish me luck with it all. Night.

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