July 19, 2012

Thursday - Slightly cooler and drier than yesterday

A good day. I managed to go to bed at a decent time last night, so getting up wasn’t bad today.  I showered and did my computer stuff rather quickly. I made my omelette and then left for work.

I got the school ready for my class, and then got myself ready too.  My student was a tad bit late, but we had a good class when she came.  After class she left and I did up my paperwork and checked her homework, that kind of thing.  I finally left the school around 4:30.  

I didn’t go straight home.  I went to an “antique” store.  I was looking for postcards and I remembered that the store had some before.  They still did.  I picked up a few that I liked and that didn’t have the price on them.  I took them over to the cash register and asked how much they were.  I thought the woman said ¥150, but now I’m not positive. It might have been ¥50 each!  I decided not to get them.  The shop had a funny smell to it, the one that a lot of secondhand shops have here, and I’m sure the cards had the smell too.  They weren’t great cards, just older, so they would have been interesting to send to some people.

I came home via a convenience store after that and cooled off my apartment at home.  F came home a bit after 5:30 and we chatted for a while.   I took a nap because I was suddenly falling asleep at my computer.  F came for a snuggle. His niece called to say thank you for the blanket.  That was nice of her, but it would have been even nicer if she’d thanked ME instead of F.  F (and I) don’t know the baby’s name.  Sigh.  He keeps forgetting to ask.  Men.  

A while later we went out for dinner to Nambayashikiri, the soba/tempura/sushi place.  F wanted to have unagi or grilled eel.  Of course, when we got there, it was too expensive for him, so he had sashimi and I had the chicken cutlet set.  Mine was a bit meh, but he said his was good.  

We came home via the drug store and the grocery store.  We got a few things in both places and came home.  We had a quiet evening around the apartment.  I watched a bit of TV, at 11 watching Royal Pains I sat on the couch and darned in a few ends on my lovely afghan.  So many more to go.  

And that’s about it. I wrote up a couple of postcards tonight and I’ll scan and send them off tomorrow.  They’re going to the Ukraine and to Finland.  I hope they have happy, safe and fast travels!  Night.

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