October 16, 2012

Tuesday - Sunny and cool

A good day. I managed to get to bed early last night so I was awake quite early, and got up pretty close to on time.  Yay.  I ate breakfast, watched The Gilmore Girls and read the paper.  

Later on I took a shower and checked out all of the websites that I usually do.  I had a good morning at home basically.  Just before I started getting ready for work, I received an email from the hotel I wrote about yesterday.  They apologised for making me give them my ID to photocopy and said that they had re-trained their staff not to do that anymore.  Woot.  Hurray for me.  

I left for work a couple of hours early and made two stops along the way.  I went to the bank machine to update my passbooks and make some deposits and to the drugstore to do a little shopping.  

I was early at my school, so I made everything ready and read a little bit of my book.  I started The Grilling Season by Diane Mott Davidson today and it’s rather fun. It’s a fast read. I am already more than halfway done.  My student called to say she was coming but would be late.  F called to see how I was, so I told him that I would have a class, so would be a little late tonight.

My student came and we set our schedule, discussed a book she’d read, a movie she’d like to see, and then did a little bit of English.  There was only 20 minutes left when she arrived, so we actually did quite a lot!

After she left, I finished up and then called F.  He came to get me after a bit and I suggested going to Cafe Framboise tonight.  We haven’t been there in ages.  They don’t have a non-smoking section so when I was deep in my bad health it would have been difficult.  However, I was feeling better today.  Fortunately, they weren’t busy and no one was smoking, so I had the best of both worlds.  

After our meal, F couldn’t find his car keys.  He was panicking a bit, but we both realised what happened at the same time.  He’d taken his wallet out to pay and then put it back in his pocket on top of the keys.  He hadn’t lost them.  Whew!

We bought gas on the way home and then some food at the grocery store.  Tomorrow we’re going to have nama pasta with  shrimp and some kind of bought alfredo sauce.  It should be good. I’m looking forward to it.  

At home we had a quiet evening.  F watched something about skating and it was a bit odd for me to see Brian Orser on TV.  Odd, but in a good way.  

I watched Unforgettable which was cool because it had Jane Curtin in it as a Medical Examiner.  Haven’t seen her on TV in ages.  

And that’s about it really.  It was a nice day weather-wise and I felt really good.  I hope that I’ll feel better tomorrow too.  Got to go.  Night!

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