April 15, 2013

Monday - Sunny and a bit humid

A good day.  

I went to bed extremely late last night, even for me, and so when I woke up this morning before my alarms I wasn't too pleased. I tried to sleep on, but my neighbors were making all sorts of noise outside. I decided to just get up and forget about sleep.

I got up and had the worst hair ever this morning. The phrase, "Billy Idol called and he wants his hair back" came to mind.  I tried photographing it, but I couldn't get a good shot!

I had a good but quiet morning today.  F had made bread last night and so I ate some of it today. It was really good.  I had bread and yogurt. Yum.  I watched my shows, did some of my computer stuff and ended up going for lunch with F.  It was only Kappa-Sushi, but it was okay, and kind of fun.

In the afternoon I scanned some cards and then took a few to the post office to send off.  I also bought the latest Gotochi cards while I was there.  I don't really like the new Yamagata one.  It's quite ugly.  They hadn't put the new cards out in the post office so the lady had to search for them!  We had a kind of conversation all the while, which I didn't 100% understand, but sort of did.  

I came home again and started dinner.  I cleaned, and cut up some mushrooms and zucchini, then sauteed them, and a few pieces of bacon.  I worked on making the crust but my first attempt was terrible, so I ate it!  It was harumaki (spring roll wrappers) so they were quite nice after baking.  I tried again without baking, and then after F came home I worked on the rest of the quiche.  It came together fairly well, and we had a nice meal.  

Dinner was zucchini, mushroom and bacon quiche with salad, hash browns and cup soup.  Yum.  F raved about the quiche so I even asked him if I should send over some to his mother tomorrow…and he said yes! Oh my.  

We had a quiet evening in. F got to watch a lot of sports tonight. We saw poor Patrick Chan go to pieces in his skating, but also Kevin Reynolds do rather well.  He reminds me of a guy I knew from College…he's a bit taller and lankier though!

At 10 I watched NCIS and then at 11 the new show The Newsroom, which I really like.  Aaron Sorkin…you're a genius and I love your writing!  I did a bit of crochet and finally finished the fifth ball of yarn.  That means I also started the final decrease. Yeah! Fingers crossed it goes well.

That's really about it for my day.  It was quiet, but I went out, cooked, and just had a good one.  Tomorrow I'm off to work, with a few errands to run beforehand.  Got to go.  Night.

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