April 19, 2013

Friday - Rainy, windy and cold

A good day.  I woke up late but it was really dark out again.  Sigh.  I got up, showered, and then settled in to watch The Ghost Whisperer. I had my breakfast during the show too.

F asked if I'd like to go out for lunch today, but I said no. I had to get ready to go right after lunch so I'd rather not.  He was fine with that, so we rung off.  At my lunch time I had scrambled eggs and sausages.  It was nice.  After that I washed dishes and left for work.  

I made good time to my school. It was terribly windy out there and I think that my legs got a good work out trying to keep pedalling into the wind.  I got my school set up quickly, changed my clothes and reviewed my lesson for my student.  

She came and we had a great lesson.  This student will be travelling soon, so we did a bit of review of travelling English and specifically going through immigration.  She's never been abroad before, and even though she isn't going to an English speaking country I hope it'll be useful.  

After she left, I took care of my paperwork and then a few other things.  I decided to leave before it was quite dark.  I left the school, and then biked to the drugstore.  I wandered around, got a few things, and left for home.  

I didn't stop anywhere else on the way and was home by 6:30.  It was cold, but it seemed not quite as cold as earlier.  

F had already left for his party, so I had the apartment to myself.  That was rather nice!  I watched the TV that I wanted to watch, including some programmes that I'd taped.  I cooked my own dinner, which was nice and then settled in to a nice quiet time with my computer.  

I had a lovely night.  F came home around 1 and was very happy from his party. He had a good time and is in a good mood.  Yay.

I most likely will not update on Saturday night as I have a very early morning on Sunday.  We're off for a night so I'll just have to tell you all about it on Monday night.  Don't wait up for me though!  I have to go.  Night!


Anonymous said...

It WAS cold today...brrr!I too like having the house to myself! You are brave riding your bike in this weather!!

Helen said...

It wasn't too bad, honestly!

I've ridden my bike in December, January and February, so this was fine...there was no snow to worry about either.

Nice to see you again!