July 12, 2013

Friday - Rainy, rainy, rainy

A good day.  I got up at a goodly time, had a good morning around the apartment.  I did my internet stuff and wrote up 4 postcards for postcrossings too.  I'm at my limit now, which is good as some of them should arrive soon.  

I had a sandwich for lunch and was thinking about running my niece's present to the post office.  I still didn't have a box yet, but what I did was recycle one that her mum used to send me something.  It fit almost perfectly, and I was able to send my sister's packing materials back to her too. (Grin)

Just as I was about to leave, we got torrential rain, so I decided to just stay home.  Good choice.  

F had thought he'd be a bit late tonight, but wasn't really. I asked him to run me to the main post office so I could get the package in the mail tonight, plus mail off my postcards.  He was willing and ran me there.  It was pouring and even though he pulled up right by the post office door, I got soaked!  ACK.  Still, I got the parcel sent off easily enough.  I was prepared for it as I had the weights, values and contents on paper before I arrived at the PO.  Done! Yay!  Should be there a little early, but that's never a bad thing with summer clothes in Alberta.

After that, F asked me to go to a Mikawa restaurant and I said fine.  Then, he changed his mind and we went to a buffet restaurant in a local spa.  It was a good idea as we had the place (and food!) to ourselves.  They had a nice spread.  Lots of fish for F and some chicken and pork for me.  There were desserts too, but some of them had banana in them.  Boo.

When we finished dinner we went to the internet cafe again and used the massaging chairs for 3 hours.  It was quiet in there tonight and we could relax nicely. I did have one bad thing happen, I was putting a smidgen of chocolate syrup in my iced tea (don't ask) when the syrup bowl separated from the lid and fell over on the counter.  There was chocolate syrup everywhere.  I called a worker over and tried to explain.  I didn't do it on purpose! I think the lid must have been broken or not tightly screwed on.  I watched another couple episodes of Camelot.  One left.  I was shocked to learn that some people just hated it!  The guy playing Arthur isn't great, but he had moments when he was good.  Morgan and Merlin were excellent though!

We came home afterwards and I watched a bit of TV AND finally, booked myself a trip home! I'll be going off to Canada at the end of September for a couple of weeks.  Let's just hope it doesn't snow while I'm there.  I even booked a hotel in Narita for myself when I come back.  I could push myself and come home in one day, but that Pacific flight is such a long one, I always feel half dead afterwards.

That's about it for me.  An eventful-ish day, but a good one.  Tomorrow, dear readers, there won't be an update as I will be out of town, but I'll be back on Sunday if all goes well.  Talk to you then.  Night!

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