July 30, 2013

Tuesday - Cloudy and a bit rainy, humid

A good day! I wasn't sure that today would be a good day.  F didn't come to bed until very early this morning and got up before I did too.  However, he was working hard on his apartment stuff, and getting it done, which was great.  

We went out for lunch to Restaurant Futaba and had a nice meal.  I had Shonai pork, and F had the rice bowl, which was sort of fried rice with seafood.  His was served in a hot stone bowl.  I enjoyed mine a lot.

After lunch we went to City Hall.  F needed me to be there to get a document for his taxes.  That wasn't too difficult.  We tried to get information on another matter and that was a bit more difficult. We didn't have any luck with that.  F dropped me off at home and then went to do more banking.  

When he was done, he took a bit of a nap and then we decided to go out.  We went to S-Mall very quickly first.  I needed more thread from the hundred yen shop, and that was all I bought!  Then we hit up La Casa, a kitchen goods and interiors place.  We didn't get much, just some imported snacks!

Then, at F's request, we went to the Internet Cafe.  We wanted a bit of karaoke first, but it was full, so we went to the massaging chairs.  I tried to do some blogging, but I couldn't get the computer to work properly.  I didn't even watch any TV there, or a movie, I fell asleep.  Sigh.  After a couple of hours, they told us that we could use a karaoke room so we went and used one for an hour.  I sang a few songs that I haven't done in ages, F sang more in Japanese than English for a change.  

Afterwards, we went to the grocery store for a few things.  I'm going to cook tomorrow night, but I'm going to leave it up to F to decide if he wants any of my stuff.  I know he bought fish for himself, so that's fine.  I'm going to have chicken wings (bought), and I think I'm going to make up some couscous and do a salad with it.  I also bought some broccoli and mini-tomatoes so I think it'll work.  

We had a fairly quiet, but nice evening at home.  I did some crochet…my little doily is going nicely, watched The Following, check out my favourite websites and set up some more cold brewed tea for tomorrow.  

That's it for me.  It was a lovely day.  Night! 

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