August 14, 2013

Wednesday - Hot and sunny

It was a good day for me, but I'm not sure about my husband. He got up in the morning, said he felt awful.  He went to his office, told them he was taking the day off and then went to the doctor.  He came home with a load of medicine, took some, and went back to bed.  He had one of our winter quilts on the bed at the time and the apartment was around 30 degrees Celsius at the time, so I was a little bemused.

I got up early for a change, watched a little bit of TV and got ready to go out.  I left the apartment at 11:30 and waited for my friend to pick me up.  She did, and we went to Patio for lunch and chat.  

Lunch was great today. We had the lunch special so we chose curry cream pasta which was actually much nicer than it sounds, salad, bread, cold onion soup and a non-alcoholic drink, plus iced tea or coffee.  Not bad at all.  They were really fast for a change. After lunch we were going to have dessert but their tables were all busy, so we went to Doutors for some of their new drink, the rooibos tea with raspberry and rose hip.  We took a table just outside the restaurant, spread out our papers, and discussed things.  

When it was time for my friend to go, she dropped me off at home and then left.  I went in to see how F was doing.  He was in bed, but got up for a bit after I came back from the post office.  

We went out for dinner around 7:00 pm to Cocos. It was quite busy with people home for Obon, so we had to wait a little.  We had a pretty good meal there and then did a little shopping.  We went to the drugstore and then the grocery store.  I suggested a weird dinner to F for tomorrow night and he agreed. Yay.  We're going to have bacon sandwiches.  We've got tomatoes, an avocado, some lettuce, some bacon and some nice peanut butter.  We can go crazy.  F has been bread making tonight so we'll even have two kinds of bread for our meal!

I watched a bit of TV, did a little crochet too.  I'm now rounding the corner of my scarf so I'm on the last leg of it. It is very tiny.  Part of me wants to frog it and then do it up again with a bigger hook, or doubled, but I think I'd rather just do another one!

Had a bit of a kerfuffle with F trying to get him to go to bed.  He just wouldn't stay there.  I was supposed to take out the bread in the breadmaker and he'd set it up again in the morning, but I was washing my hands and he got out of bed and took the bread out.  I wasn't pleased.  Then, he kissed me full on the lips to try to make up.  This from the man who spent most of the day in bed because he was SICK!!!! I really wasn't pleased after that.  I hope I don't get sick, but if I do, I'll know why!

I gotta go.  Thanks for reading…I'll talk to you tomorrow, if I'm not sick.  Night!

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