August 27, 2013

Tuesday - Hot and sunny, very rainy at night

A good day.

I managed to get up earlier today than yesterday.  I still wouldn't call it early, but it wasn't too bad really.

I had a quiet morning, I read a little, had some tea, and wrote a couple of postcards.  In the afternoon, I watched two episodes of Heartland…some of the bush scenes just make me long for the wilderness of Alberta again…and part of a movie too.

I invented my own lunch…it was sort of a pasta/yakiniku blend and it was yummy.  Really nice.  I did dishes, and then I scanned my cards.  I only did my outgoing ones at first because I wanted to run them to the post office quickly.  I needed a special stamp for one of the cards.  I got to the post office in time, then came home again and scanned the rest.  

F came home as I was finishing up the last card.  He went outside to do more cutting of brush, and I relaxed for a bit and watched Project Runway.  

We decided to go to Pacific Airy Heights tonight.  Well, I decided after F mentioned the place that he likes and I hate.  We had a lovely meal there, I had chicken and F had pork.  The owner comped us some watermelon and it was nice. He gave us each two pieces.  I gave F one of mine because I don't really like watermelon, but at the end wished I hadn't!  Kidding!  After dinner, we had floats at McDonald.  That was a nice little treat.  I had mango and F had blueberry.  I don't need it again, but I'm glad I tried it.  

We bought groceries and I'm going to make chicken for dinner tomorrow.  Chicken with salad and Chinese-style dumplings.  I hope it'll be okay. 

We had a quiet night in.  I watched The Following and it was quite scary/gruesome again. F did his usual rustling of paper and what not during my show.  It drives me nuts.  He also couldn't sit still, which again, drives me nuts.  I was quite glad when he went to bed.  

I had to go into the bedroom a little later though because we got a huge rainstorm.  I needed to close the window.  It was a good thing I did as the room was getting soaked. I hope my bed isn't wet.  F didn't hear it as he wears earplugs to bed.  

Anyway, that's it for me tonight.  I'll catch you tomorrow night I think.  Won't that be fun boys and girls?  No?  Night!

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