September 8, 2013

Sunday - Drizzly and cool

An okay day.  I got up before noon today, had some of F's bed and got a bit mad at him.  However, after a while we got over it!  

We went to Grado for lunch and delivered a bunch of newspapers to them.  I had a really nice pork saute with caramelized onions on it, F had salmon.  He said it was okay.  I know that salmon isn't his favourite type of food.  

After lunch, we headed to the laundromat and washed our bedding.  It was a bit difficult as the place was quite busy for a while.  However, we got it all done.  Yay!

We came home, remade the bed, then went out again.  F had asked if we could go to the Internet Cafe today for a massage.  His back has been very bad this weekend.  I said yes, so that's what we did.  

We each got a chair and spent some time being pummelled by the chair.  We had our dinner there too.  I had a chicken Namban donburi that was quite good, I think F had a pork donburi, I'm not sure.  

We left the cafe around 10 and bought a few groceries for dinner tomorrow.  I decided that I probably should cook, so I don't have to choose a restaurant!  We came home and vegged for a while.  I crocheted through Lost and enjoyed myself immensely. I haven't had time the last few days to do any hooky.  The doily is going well I'm happy to say.  

And that's about it for my day.  If the weather tomorrow is okay, I might just go to the main post office and either buy or order my travellers cheques for my trip.  It'll mean carrying a lot of money with me though, that's a bit scary.  Still, I have to remember, this is Japan!  I'm not likely to get mugged in broad daylight here!  We'll see what else I can get up to tomorrow.  Night!

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