January 29, 2014

Wednesday - Cold, then warmer and clear.

A good day.

I got up a bit late this morning and then watched my TV show.  I had a nice quiet morning.  I had toast, tea and yogurt.

I did the things that I usually do and then I decided to go out.  Yep.  It wasn't snowy, the sidewalks were mostly clear, so I just went out.  I did a little banking and then I went to the craft store.  I bought a couple of balls of yarn for a project I'm making, then left the store.

I went to Kappa Sushi for a quick and late lunch, then came back home.  F called me tonight but said he was going to his mother's for a bit.  I started dinner.  I didn't peel potatoes, but I did thoroughly wash them and cut them up.  

When F arrived home I started dinner.  We had chicken wings, salad and new potatoes.  I think at first F was a bit surprised to just have potatoes boiled, but they were really good!  Part of them being new potatoes I think.  

After dinner, F took a rest from the dishes for a while and we both spent time on our computers.  F put on Die Hard…the last one that takes place in Russia  and I watched it again, well, with one eye!  At 11 I went over to the couch to watch Private Practice, but didn't do any crochet. I'm thinking about restarting the project for my sister...I'd like to make it smaller and tighter. I think it'll look better.  The only problem?  I don't have the right size of hook.  If only I'd thought about it before I went to the craft shop today, I could have bought a new one!

That's about it for today. It was really lovely to get out of the apartment on my own steam today, and on my own terms.  I could spend hours in the craft shop, if I wanted.  I didn't…but I could have!

Oh, just before I go, I'll attach a photo of my corner to corner lap-rug that I just finished.  It's very thick and warm. 
Close-up of stitches

It's about 60X90 cm I think

Talk to you tomorrow.  Night!


Nikki Yorozuya said...

How lovely! Your lap rub and mealtime too. The weather is amazing, like Spring this week. o.o/*

Helen said...

Thank you! And, yes, I'm loving the weather too :-)

Crafty Tokyo Mama said...

Your lap quilt looks great!

Helen said...

Thank you! I appreciate it :-)