February 26, 2014

Wednesday - didn't go out, didn't even look out!

A good day.

I didn't feel great when I got up this morning, but I did get up. I had a bit of breakfast while I watched my show, read the paper early on too.

I did get a bit of my column done today, but not enough. It is really hard this time to just sit and do it.  I have to get it done tomorrow.  

I did spend a lot of time emailing people to see if I could have permission to do something.  Some people got back to me, some didn't.  

F called me to say that he'd be home late tonight.  It gave me a bit of extra time to prepare for dinner.  I cooked our broccoli and then made myself some couscous.  F was going to have rice and I didn't want any.  When F came home, he changed and he cooked our fish.  Now, for some reason last night he bought two types of fish for our dinner. I thought it was odd, but whatever!  We had shark grilled in the fish grill and buri with a garlic sauce done in the microwave.  The shark was okay, but rather tasteless I though, plus it has surprising bones in it.  

F did the dishes, I had done up a bunch before dinner so it sort of made sense, and we settled in for a quiet evening.  He watched some J-TV and then I wanted to watch some stuff so it was okay. I made a pot of tea so we finished up the Valentine's Day chocolate that he'd made with our tea.  Yum. I did some more knitting on my scarf, but have decided that I want to reknit it. It is much too long, and quite narrow.  Maybe I should use my circular needles or something?  Not sure if that'll work.

F went to bed around 12:30 I think. I stayed up watching telly.  I'm nearly ready to go to bed, so I'll just say good night! 

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