January 31, 2014

Friday - Clear with a skiff of snow

A good day.

I overslept a bit this morning…sigh.  However, I got up and then I had breakfast while watching Ghost Whisperer.  I had a nice quiet day.  I did some laundry,and I tidied up the kitchen a little.  

In the afternoon I made myself a great lunch.  I had  the leftover boiled new potatoes and some chicken sliced up and sauteed until the potatoes were crispy, then I added a little cheese and finally put a fried egg over it all.  If I could have served it in an iron skillet like they do in Canada it would have been just an extra touch.  It was seriously awesome!

Later on, I watched The Goonies and did a little bit on the dinner prep.  I prepared the garlic butter for the garlic toast.  I also put wrapped the toast up in tin foil.  I took out the steaks to come up to room temperature.  

When F came home from the doctor…he'd stopped home for a few minutes earlier…I got dinner started.  I set the table and cooked the fries in the oven, and then got the steaks underway.

Everything worked out quite well and I'm happy to say that dinner was really good.  F did the dishes and then we settled in for a nice quiet evening. I did some stuff on my computer, I did a little bit of crochet and then more computer stuff!

I should get myself off to bed soon. I have semi-promised to make breakfast tomorrow morning and if I'm asleep I won't be able to!  Wish me luck with that.  I have to go.  Night!

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