April 25, 2014

Friday - Sunny and nice

A good day.

I'm going to go back a little bit.  In University I had a friend that I was very close to.  We were very different, I liked pop music & even a bit of country, she liked alternative.  After university she met a guy that I didn't get on with and they got married.  She moved around Canada, I moved around the world.  As her family grew, we gradually lost touch and I still feel a tad bereft from the loss of her friendship.  

After the earthquake she got in touch to check on me and we vowed to keep in touch better.  Of course we didn't.  Our lives are so different now and a lot of water has gone under the bridge, that I don't think it would ever be the same.  

Anyway, today is her birthday, and with all my heart, I hope that she has a great day.

I woke up a little late this morning, but it wasn't a big deal.  This morning I decided to just stay in my PJs and lounge around, so I did.  I had breakfast, surfed the internet, the usual.  

In the afternoon I scanned the cards that I was sending and then biked them off to the post office.  While I was there I bought a few new stamps for my cards.  I should really get more!  

F was late tonight and didn't come home until 8.  He had to run a couple of errands for his mother.  We went out for dinner and tried to find something that he'd like, but both restaurants that we tried were busy.  We ended up at Cafe Pacific Airy Heights for a quick and decent little meal.  We came home via the drugstore and the grocery store.  I realized that tomorrow night F won't be able to drive so we'll not really be able to go out.  

We had a quiet evening in.  It was really nice.

Tomorrow we are going to a wedding in the early afternoon.  It is one of F's family things and I don't have much hope for it.  I haven't seen his mother in years, and she doesn't like me.  I am hoping that she'll leave me alone, but if she doesn't, I'll leave.  

And that's it really.  I hope to update you on everything tomorrow night. I hope the wedding goes well, and that a good time is had by all.  I hope!  Night.


Rosa said...

Ugh. Mothers-in-law! Do they take lessons in how to sabotage relationships with daughters-in-law? Good on you for going to the wedding though.

As I get older I wonder more and more about old friends that I've lost contact with. I know Facebook would put me back in touch (if I were on FB, which I'm not)--but I suppose those friendships ended for a reason!

Helen said...

The MIL was very nice at the wedding, thankfully!

My friend and I are both on FB...She is using a false name, but I know it is her. She could contact me if she wanted, but hasn't.

You are probably right about ending for a reason. Sigh. Sad though!