May 18, 2014

Sunday - Gorgeous, sunny and warm

An oddish day!

I slept in today…but it was still morning when I got up!  I made the bed first thing, and then reheated some tea for us both.

F was going to take a bath, but kept putting it off and off.  Finally, he did go and take it. Yay.  Then we talked about where to have lunch and I suggested Pisolino, the pasta & pizza buffet place.  I had received a 500 yen coupon from them, so thought we should go and use it.  He agreed.

We drove over there and had a good meal.  I had a basil pasta with fresh tomatoes and shrimp that was nice, F had gobo and chicken and liked his.  We shared a pizza with tarako(fish eggs) on it. I don't generally like them, but the texture was okay today.  We both ate too much, but I don't think I overdid it as much as sometimes!

I wanted to go to karaoke today, so that's what we set off to do.  F wanted to go to the Internet Cafe for karaoke so I said okay.  Of course, when we got there, the karaoke booths were full and we'd have to wait for an hour to go.  We ended up going to the massaging chairs again, except of course there was only one available at the time.  Grr.  I had to go to a reclining chair for a while.  Somehow F forgot to ask the woman to let us know if a karaoke booth became available.  It wasn't as bad as it seems and I was able to move within the first hour, but I was really in the mood for karaoke.  I watched a silly little movie, a made in Canada cheapie that was fun and referenced a lot of Sci-fi movies, so I enjoyed it.  It was called End of the World and had Greg Grunberg in it.  He is from Heroes and Lost…he was the hero and wasn't bad.  

After the movie ended I realized that 3 hours had gone by, so talked to F and we decided not to leave until 4 hours passed.  We did, but I think we were a little late.

We had a very fast and light dinner at Kintaro Sushi, but not the one we usually go to, the farther away one.  It was a good choice as we were still not very hungry from lunch.

We did a little shopping in Yamaya and MaxValu tonight.  We're going to have dinner at home, soba fettucine and salad I think.  I hope it goes well!

We came home and I watched a little TV, but not much.  I tried to watch a movie, but I couldn't get into it at all. Mistresses at 11 was a bit better for my attention, but probably not for my mind!

That's about it for tonight though.  It was an okay day. I am sorry that I didn't get to go to karaoke.  F has had a cold for a few weeks so we couldn't go before today, and we couldn't go today.  Got to go. Night!

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