May 26, 2014

Monday - Muggy then very rainy at night.

An okay day.

I woke up a couple of times this morning, once when F came back to the apartment for a minute, and then again when my alarm went off. I got up and lazed around for a while.  I ate breakfast and worked on my crochet project a little bit.  Yay.  It went fairly well.  

I was just about to jump into the shower when F called to say he was coming home for lunch.  He offered to bring me something, but I turned him down.  He arrived a bit later and had his lunch.  I didn't eat then as breakfast was too close.  

I was just going to eat around 2 when guess what.  F came home again.  He was waiting for someone who wouldn't be finished for some time.  I put off my lunch again.  

When F was gone, I had a bit of toast and some leftovers, and called it lunch.  I did the dishes too.  After I was done, I realized that I really wasn't feeling well.  I felt a little dizzy and drained.  I decided to go to bed for a lie-down when F called to say he was coming home.  

I was on my bed when F came home and was happy to stay there for a while. F was very nice to me and we chatted for a while.  He had to do some business with a neighbour but when he was done I decided to get up and cook dinner.  I took things easy and didn't stress out about dinner too much.  I made tandori chicken from the grocery store, gnocchi and gorgonzola sauce and salad for dinner.  The timing worked out and we had a nice meal.  

After dinner, F started not feeling well, in the same way I did.  He said he felt a bit dizzy too.  He did the dishes anyway and then relaxed on the couch.  

We had a nice but quiet night.  F watched boxing…I watched CSI and The Newsroom.  I enjoyed both of them.  F is off to bed now, and I'm thinking I might go there soon too.  I'm tired and don't want to get sick at all.  

Tomorrow it depends on the weather what I do.  I might go out if the rain stops for a while, or I might just stay at home and craft.  Come back and see what I get up to.  Night!

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